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March 26, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Long ago a homebrew multi-cart of Atari ST computer games was released on Game Boy Advance

Atari XEGS computer and game console
Oddly mislabeled as XE games, this assortment of Atari ST computer games was a homebrew release for Nintendo's GBA.
A recent acquisition by Ausretrogamer was pictured online and I began salivating instantly. Why had I never heard of this gem? And what an odd assortment of games to appear on a Nintendo handheld of all places! Take a closer look at the Atari XE Video Game Pack for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

Atari ST computer games for GBA This title is not a sanctioned title by either Atari or Nintendo. It's a homebrew release from Good Deal Games with an initial run of 50 copies. I don't know when it was release, but it was likely prior to 2012 from the info I've seen. I love the eclectic batch of games included on it.

That's part of the allure of homebrew titles is the freedom to do as you please. Ordinarily such self-created games are original games. I'm not sure how they worked around copyrights - perhaps they've expired?

Many of these games can be found across multiple platforms, but I don't believe any of them were ever released for the Atari XEGS system! However, they can all be found on the Atari ST computer.

This collection is likely quite rare and would be a cool set of games to play on a Game Boy Advance!

A homebrew multi-cart of Atari ST computer games The box art shows their God Deal Games logo along with their Homebrew logo. Definitely not a commercial release by one of Atari's holding companies.
A homebrew multi-cart of Atari ST computer games The back of the box lists the games and no association with Atari or Nintendo across the bottom.

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