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July 23, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Any contender in the console wars should not begin the climb as a crowd funded mystery box

Atari did the requisite Ataribox tease. Now is the time for information and specs. Sparing with the Big 3, requires solid info, not fantasy.
Nostalgia is a powerful force. Despite Atari's downfall and current status as a brand owned by a holding company, it's name still evokes it's renown gaming past from arcade games to home consoles. Atari wants to come back. Cool, but which Atari is this?

The former gaming company was pivotal in shaping the beginning of the gaming industry. The holding company of the Atari brand wants to revive their gaming past with some sort of new game console, the Ataribox. I'd love to see an Atari resurgence, but "today's Atari" is just a name. The legacy of greatness resides with those who originally made it happen. None of these folks are part of today's Atari.

Atari is a brand that would probably sell best as a logo on a t-shirt. I can see great success if Atari were to become a lifestyle brand with an array of soft-goods that could expand into other areas.

Ataribox I'm still eager to know what Atari has in mind with their Ataribox game console, but I think the time to be coy and mysterious has passed. Consumers and gamers want information. If this console plays retro games as well as catering to modern games - we need to know more details.

If this is a solid concept with the goal to fill a void in current console offerings... Give us the facts!

Until Atari releases real information (not nostalgia-fueled fantasy fodder) and dismisses rumors of crowd funding, the Ataribox will have a hard time reaching enough people for it to be any more than a humorous footnote in Atari's history.

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