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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 7, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Despite my dislike for cats, Ponos’ Battle Cats did all the right things to win me over and Metal Slug

Ponos - Battle Cats
Mobile games typically entertain me for a few weeks, but Battle Cats continues to make me smile as my army of peculiar cats fights on!
My son told me about Battle Cats. He said I should try it. I declined. Cats. No. He put forth a convincing argument and prompted me to set aside my dislike of cats. His final argument was a reminder that I like watching "My Cat From Hell." I relented and downloaded it.

Ponos - Battle Cats You can jump right in since the mechanics are pretty straightforward. Tap the button to unleash more cats into the fray and occasionally fire the Cat Cannon for more dramatic inroads. If you want to delve deep into it's cat-ness, there's plenty to do outside of battling.

Gained experience points let you level up your cat army - there's even evolution. Unlock crazy cool (really odd) cats and add them to your fighting forces.

Between it's cute factor and my lust for cat battles, it's kept my attention and continues to reel me in. Mind you - I still don't like cats, but there's a lot mor to this game than meets the eye. It's deceptively simple to play, but there's a lot of strategy it that suits you. Otherwise, battle on!

It's creator, Ponos, states it's free to play (on both Android and iOS), but you can buy your way into better odds. However, despite the inclusion of transactions, the game doesn't steer you into it overtly. I don't get the sense that an evil algorithm is deftly forcing me to buy stuff. It's a fun game - no monetary pressures - and did I mention it's fun?

As my son and I discuss which cats we've unlocked and debate various strategies, the game has not led to any acceptance of real cats. Still don't like 'em. Give Battle Cats a whirl - good fun!

Battle Cats / Metal Slug event In October 2015 Battle Cats teamed up with Metal Slug for a special event in which Metal Slug characters appeared in place of your cats! Gotta like some clever crossover action like that!

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