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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 30, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo and AtGames have a newcomer to the mini-console game arena - The C64 mini

The C64 Mini
Despite a decade of AtGames Flashback mini consoles, Nintendo's mini consoles drove it home. Now The C64 Mini enters the fray.
A fully-licensed mini version of the best-selling 80's home computer is coming in 2018! At 50% scale, The C64 Mini replica mini console comes with built-in games like many of the similar Minis on the market. It outputs via HDMI with pixel perfect graphics and features 2 USB ports with mention of a full size keyboard (the keyboard shown on the case is noon-functional).

While I've seen several images of included games, I've not seen a definitive list of the C64's games. It seems to offer around 40 built-in games, but the site says it will have 64 games, only ~40 are shown via images. Perhaps they don't want to release the full list, but it's a bit confusing without any clear definition. Like it's predecessors, The C64 Mini does not have a cartridge slot or mechanism for adding additional games.

I'm certain many more details will emerge soon. This should be an interesting addition to the "mini genre" since it's coming to market via Retro Games Ltd, with distribution by Koch Media. Thus it's a new company bringing it to market, so it may differ from what we've seen so far. It's great to see these consoles bringing a variety of games to market.

The retro scene is bustling with energy toward original hardware and games, but has seemingly embraced mini consoles as a unique way to relive memories and try games previously difficult or impossible to obtain.

C64 Mini games My family didn't embrace the home computer revolution until 1986. We weren't a tech savvy family and didn't really see the computer revolution coming until it was already well underway. While most trends were too new to really know where computers would take us, we relied on salesmen to assist our computer purchases.

My first computer was a Kaypro that was allegedly a "portable" device even though it was the size of a suitcase. It featured dual floppy drives - one to run programs and the other to save documents. It had a few games, but they were pretty rudimentary and I didn't know how to obtain more - if any others existed... I didn't know :)

When I hear my peers talking about their home computer gaming experiences, I have no relatable stories. This may have greatly influenced my dedication to console gaming. I grew up with Atari & Intellivision and later embraced Nintendo. Having not experienced many of the computer games from the 80s, I'm excited by The C64 Mini and it's ease of delivering a sampling of the games I missed. An original Commodore 64 would be preferable, but this is an easy way for a console-fan like myself to get a taste.

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