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January 22, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With Riverdale premiering on TV, here's a background on the crown hat worn by Jughead

Archie comics turned fairly dark not long age and Riverdale, on the CW, looks to be following that darker trend.
crown hat In the 1920s and 1930s, crown hats (sometimes called Whoopee caps) were popular among youths. They were often made from a felt fedora with a zig-zag pattern cut into the brim and turned up.

RiverDale on the CW Network

Coinciding with Archie's 75th anniversary, this TV show on the CW network looks promising. I grew up with Archie comics and an well aquatinted with the cheerful family-friendly comics one typically thinks of. Did you know Archie died... in an Archie comic? Things aren't always rosy in Riverdale and that seems to be the tone of this new TV series.

In a July 2014 comic, Archie was killed saving his friends life, gay character Kevin Keller, from an assassination attempt. Keller was a newly elected United States Senator with stalker problems. Definitely not the sort of fare I expected from Archie Comics, but it certainly stirs things up. I'm excited to see how this show goes and where they take the characters.

background of the crown hat

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