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March 2, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I thought Domino's Wedding Registry was brilliant marketing until I realized it's real

Domino's Wedding Registry
A Pizza wedding registry and brides eating a slice "in white" is pretty funny. An actual wedding registry comprised of pizza is ridiculous.
After seeing a few of Domino's "Pizza brides", I thought this was a brilliant viral marketing ploy. It's funny and contrary to what one expects of a bride in her wedding dress. Tying it in with a wedding registry comprised of pizza just added to the humor, so I thought. Then I discovered this is real. There actually is a Domino's Wedding Registry full of pizza.

Suddenly the humor lessened and I read an interview in which some Domino's Exec is droning on about wedding proposals and such involving the restaurant chain. They couldn't just leave it alone and let the viral campaign do it's job. I loved it, but a real pizza wedding registry... ya lost me.

Bring back the Noid. At least he had his own Yo Noid! video game on the Nintendo NES... via Capcom!

Domino's Wedding Registry Domino's Wedding Registry
Domino's Wedding Registry Domino's Wedding Registry

When thinking about Capcom games for the NES, I've been a huge fan of Bionic Commando and it's hard to ignore the growth of the Mega Man series across nearly every Nintendo console. But there are a few oddities and The Noid is one of them. Yes, Capcom created the 2D platformer, Yo Noid! to promote Domino's Pizza mascot who came to life via claymation in the late 1980s.

Domino's Yo Noid from Capcom

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