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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 27, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I heard rumblings about another Atari license and found this GameBand teaser in my inbox

Atari GameBand
With a Twitter account created in 2013, GameBand speaks of a new product announcement on February 8.
Atari GameBand I seem to remember the GameBand (Game Band) as a Minecraft accessory not too long ago. If memory serves, it was a way to bring your Minecraft data into the wild and enable play on any computer.

The current campaign, with social media accounts, are really pushing the "Atari" connection. I'm wondering if this is simply a re-launch with Atari support or is this something new? Atari has licensed it's name to so many ho-hum endeavors, I can wait for 2/8 t see what they have in store for those who still love to battle the Qotile!

At the time the most recent owners bought the Atari brand, I recall a quote from within the Atari camp saying they wanted to leverage their iconic games in a manner beyond t-shirts. I adore the recent PS4 Flashback Classic games, but I'd be happy to see them launch an 8-bit lifestyle brand and flood us with cool t-shirts and other swag from the good old days.

January 31 - They sent a bit more info describing the product as a smartwatch for gamers that is to be funded via Kickstarter. Some of the watch's designs are heavily influenced by Atari games of the 1980's.

Atari GameBand

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