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January 24, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Could Trump's desires for “Made In America” drive up the cost of video games - or worse?

Trump's idiocy
While tariffs may bolster some aspects of the economy and "Go America!" sentiments, not all products manufactured abroad are evil - video games, for instance.
Video games are a global business flourishing in many parts of the world. Atari made strides early on in the US. Nintendo came out of Japan. Developers are worldwide. Trump doesn't seem to understand "global."

He has an "us versus them" mentality. Sure it would be swell if tax laws and cheap labor didn't drive away domestic manufacturing, but the response can't be to tax all incoming product. Tariffs are typically imposed on products being imported when they could be manufactured domestically. This is an incentive for companies not to hire cheap labor abroad to circumvent domestic costs.

Trump's talk about tariffs show a dismal knowledge of global economies. He could impose a tariff on all foreign product coming into the US. This might include video games and consoles. Of course any such tariff could easily descend into a trade war as other nations imposed similar penalties on US products being exported.

That orange dude is a mess. One can only hope he has some advisors around to quell his impulsive notions that his ideals are those of the entire nation.

It's petty of me to be concerned about a price spike in video games when the new president will likely launch nukes if enough congressmen don't show up to his birthday party.

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