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January 14, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I didn't expect Nintendo Switch pre-orders to last long, but I did expect a pack-in game

Nintendo Switch pre-orders
I can't recall ever buying a game console that didn't have a pack-in game- something to play right out-or-the-box!
Over the decades, pack-in games have been a staple of buying a game console. Often they are a mechanism for showcasing a new system's capabilities and giving players something to play right away. Apparently the Switch will NOT have a pack-in game. I find that very strange considering the variety of uses for the joycons and the system itself. It seems like the sort of system that needs a special game to expose and train gamers on new features.

Nintendo Switch - Karen playing Mario Kart I think the Switch is a bit overpriced at $299. Discovering it doesn't have an included game (pack-in), kind of makes it more of a $360 game console.

I hope nintendo is on top of things with this launch. To no surprise, the pre-orders filled up quite quickly. By lunchtime on Friday, I couldn't find any. Toys R Us has a "coming soon" mention on their site, but no indication of a pre-order event. Yes, eBay is already full of folks reselling their pre-ordered Switches.

In all likelihood, launch-day will generate a new kind of Nintendo anger among those still trying to get an NES Classic Edition while standing on a long line for a Switch.

As far as I can tell, this will likely be a Summer purchase for me. Over the last few generations, I've learned to suppress my urge to buy on day-one, but from servier issues to insane system updates, I'm content to wait. A great console will still be just as great a few months down the line. with no Mario game at launch... I can wait.

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