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January 28, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With GameCube titles on Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console, how will Joy-Cons measure up?

As reports of GameCube Games in Switch's Virtual Console, gamers dreamed of different Joy-Cons.
Reports of GameCube games being available in the Switch's Virtual Console marks the first time these titles have been digitally available. For those who own a GameCube and a slew of games, the prospect of re-purchasing games comes up again. However, it's worth noting how unique the GC controllers are.

We're all accustomed to NES and SNES games being sold for recent Nintendo consoles, but the GameCube would be a first. A handful of N64 games came to the Wii U VC and the reason I mention it is the controller. Both the N64 and Gamecube had fairly unique controllers. Part of the game play came from their layout options. As we've seen, the Joy-Cons are two halves of a control scheme - each quite small in size - attaching to the Switch tablet.

Both N64 and GameCube controllers had unique layouts that lent themselves to the games. The GameCube games coming digitally to Switch will also mark a radical departure from the original control scheme. I'm curious to see how the Joy-Cons hold up to the job.

Limagined GameCube Joy-Cons Imagined GameCube Joy-Cons
imagined GameCube Joy-Cons Imagined GameCube Joy-Cons

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