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March 19, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Were you really expecting 4,500 Nintendo Switch games this year or are you a bit dumb?

Nintendo Switch controller
While 3% may seem like a small number, a few seconds of thought will reveal how many amazing games will be developed.
A story has been circulating social media today amounting to the same level of misinformation that harmed the Wii U. Now the Switch is being maligned by people who either dislike Nintendo or don't understand how Math works.

A ridiculous headline based on a survey claims only 3% of 4,500 game developers are making games for the Switch. This headline is being posted as detrimental to the Switch because... are you ready for this moronic logic... 3 is a small number. It would seem that the myriad of sites touting 3% as a very small percentage haven't bothered to do the math - or don't know how.

What is 3% of 4,500? It's 135. That means that 135 developers are making games for the switch.

Here's an easy equation - If each of them makes one Switch game this year, how many games would be available for the Nintendo Switch? Yes, that would be 135 games. That's a great number. But let's not stop there.

Nintendo Switch What if 30% were developing for Switch? Do the math! That would result in 1,350 games being in development - most likely in the first year. Creating one game each, the Switch wold have almost double the amount of games (North American) ever released for the original NES! At approximately $50 per game, how many Nintendo Switch games were you planning on buying this year?

Nintendo is cracking down on standards with an effort to reduce the number of sub-standard (terrible) games available for the Switch. Don't forget the large quantity of awful games that came out for the Wii. While 3% may seem tiny, it represents more than enough devs to deliver great quality games.

Try applying some thought and logic to these ridiculous posts. Statistics never tell the whole story! Reposting, liking, and sharing these articles is a disservice to Nintendo. If you don't think misinformation is harmful, explain why the Wii U was shelved after only four years. No, it had nothing to do with processor speeds. Guess again.

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