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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 11, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hyper Sentinel - a retro inspired arcade shoot ‘em up for PC, Mac, Console & Mobile

Hyper Sentinel
Styled as an arcade shooter it offers power-ups and bosses, with 4K, 60fps pixel-art graphics - coming to PC, Mac, Console & Mobile!
When my friends and I went to the arcades each weekend in the 80s, we had certain games in mind, high scores we wanted to beat, and epic worlds to conquer. Every time I stepped into an arcade I was swept up by the sights and sounds. Nothing had the same powerful vibe as an arcade! Andrew & Rob Hewson are bringing back some of the familiar gameplay we loved in those days with Hyper Sentinel. It's a retro inspired shooter that plays on today's modern platforms.

Hyper Sentinel Using crowd funding, the game has already reached it's funding goal and is now drawing in more backers as it achieves it's stretch goals. The Hyper Sentinel Kickstarter campaign is nearing it's end, but that's often when such campaigns see a surge in support. We're hoping to see it reach the C64 Graphics Mode goal (and beyond)!

The Hewsons have decades of experience in the gaming industry which gives us great hope for Hyper Sentinel! Check out the campaign and see if this is a game you want to support.

If you payed Uridium on the C64 (or other platforms), Hewson Consultants published the game in 1986 which lived on across several platforms including the Wii Virtual Console. You'll see Hyper Sentinel draws inspiration from this classic top-down shooter with Defender-like flip-maneuvering. The Kickstarter page offers game play videos as well as links to a demo version. Check it out on your own computer!

Keeping Retro Gaming Alive

Hyper Sentinel We love playing retro games on original hardware. It's the scenario that brings back the best of memories. I'm sure many of you reading this may be inspired to fire up Uridium on your C64!

We feel projects like Hyper Sentinel are vital to maintaining and expanding retro gaming. Modern games are great fun and present gameplay we'd never thought possible in the days of Defender, Berzerk, and Dragon's Lair. As much as we love those games, newer generations need 8-bit inspiration too.

Having retro inspired games released for mobile platforms as well as PS4 and Xbox One bring tremendous validation to the games we loved decades ago. Part of the enjoyment are the memories, but most of it comes from the fun these games provided. They were fast, manic, frantic, and demanded more quarters. I still freak out when the audible pulse of Space Invaders speeds up. That comes from great game play and the fun it brings.

I am confident Hyper Sentinel will bring the same feelings and entertainment to retro gamers and modern gamers alike! Give this modern retro gaming project a look on Kickstarter.

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