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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 31, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Jetson's come to pinball in a family friendly 2017 table

The Jetson's pinball
I'm pissed about the lack of flying cars in today's "modern" society, but I'm still a fan of the Jetsons!
The Jetson's pinball Designed by Dan and Nathan Goett and limited to 300 tables, The Jetsons Pinball is a great looking table. George and Judy are featured on the back box's side art with a the familiar family comute scene on each side of the cabinet. It features sounds from the show and a 15" LCD display.

With a sparse playfield, it seems to have been designed as a "fun for the whole family" type of table that may not appeal to the hardcore player. Tables like this should appeal to kids (and "big kids" who watched the Jetsons) and bring them into the pinball fold.

The playful graphics should entice today's kids while the "big kids" will dig the nostalgia. Modern brands aimed at today's kids come with high licensing fees that get passed on to the consumer. The Jetson's may be a more reasonable price point that Finn The Human.

Aimed at the casual player, the $6,000 price (via The Pinball Company) seems steep to me. I"m all for a simple playfield with a retro vibe of a favorite cartoon, but I'm sure there are comparable play-experiences at lower prices. At the same time, it should be easy to sell through a run of 300 machines to both families and arcades.

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