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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 10, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Luxtive Arcade System melds 80's retro games with Michelin tires to create the Wheelcade

Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade
Yes, it's a beautiful multicade coffee table in a tire, but not just any tire. It's a Michelin Latitude Sport 235/55 R17 99V.
A recent article on Top Arcade Machines highlighted a very cool multicade concept from Spain. The Luxtive Retrogame Arcade System has a familiar foundation.

Luxtive logo The futuristic round table with tinted glass and familiar arcade controls is based on something most of us know well. In fact we typically buy four at a time. Tires! These slick arcade systems are housed in Michelin tires.

Having taken French when opting for a foreign language in school, much of the site is a mystery to my uni-lingual abilities. Those with a better command of the language will likely discern more info about availability and pricing. It's creative and an old tire has more of a sleek look than I would have imagined - very cool!

Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade features: a JAMMA PCB multiplayer system with 60 Retro games, 2-player arcade kit consisting of 8 classic white buttons and 2 Joysticks for 2,4 and 8-way action.
Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade

Luxtive Arcade System - Wheelcade From the Luxtive website (via Google Translate):
All the elements of the machine are meticulously integrated to the last detail. The joysticks and game buttons together with the speakers are integrated into the tire representing a surprising shape never seen before.

The image is composed of high resolution LCD screen integrated inside the tire being protected by a subtle dark tone crystal to further reduce the unwanted influence of light.

At the same time the top glass panel provides extra functionality to our machine making it an elegant coffee table or auxiliary to decorate any room or environment.

The two-way loudspeakers are integrated inside the tire taking advantage of the tire's structure as a speaker and are powered by a high-power amplifier and precision.

The lower panel of the machine is composed of 4 small wheels that facilitate the sliding or transfer. As a finishing touch, the chrome-plated console base gives the tire a subtle expression and floating feel.

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