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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 12, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

They say “More Is Better” but how many SNES Classic Editions is that?

NES & SNES Classic Editions
I think we're all a bit weary of Nintendo's comments regarding Classic Edition consoles. More SNES. More NES next Summer. Whatever.
I love Nintendo, but the secret to their success is certainly a well kept secret. I have no idea how they do it. It's a mystery. Many of us think the NES Classic Edition should have been a gold mine of income for Nintendo, but it was always in short supply and was finally canceled. Many did not have the opportunity to buy one due to short supply.

We tend to forget this has been Nintendo's strategy since inception. Every Nintendo console (yes, beginning with the NES) has been in short supply. Nintendo hardware has NEVER been plentiful on retail shelves. Try to find a Switch - not as easy as you'd think. You may encounter one or two on a shelf, but how many Xbox Ones and PS4s were there too... lots!

Start lining up now! "More" seems like a dubious guarantee.
Nintendo is again making promises that they may not be able to keep. As the SNES mini console release day nears, Reggie says they are making more than last year's NES release. OK. In my area, stores got between 6 and 10 consoles every other month. So, what can we expect with the SNES... 10 to 15 consoles every few months?

I realize there are issues sourcing all the necessary parts for manufacture, but I get the impression that "more" isn't going to cover it. The demand for the NES model was astounding and I'm seeing more interest in the SNES model. And if the marketplace wasn't angry and confused enough, Nintendo is resurrecting the NES Classic Edition (yep, the one they canceled) and will begin selling it once again... next Summer (2018). Wait... what?

Just go to your local toy or electronics store - right now - and wait until one of these darling little consoles shows up. Good luck. Be careful out there. This is going to be another interesting launch day on the 29th.

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