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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 30, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you're serious about buying an NES Classic Edition - don't eat!

NES Classic Edition
NES minis sat on my local TRU shelves for 2 days before selling out!
A friend texted me on Saturday. "Toys R Us has NES minis."

I grabbed my coat wondering if I could get there in time since I'm about a half-hour away. A second text appeared. "Never mind. Just sold out."

This seemed par for the course. A store gets a few NES Classic Editions and they sell out minutes later, before ever reaching a retail shelf. Not so fast - this time was a different story.

NES Classic Edition I heard from my friend on Saturday morning, but our local TRU received a big shipment of NES minis - get this - on Thursday. The units lasted in a display case for two days! How is that possible?

Our article's title mentions "not eating". Here's why. Friday night, as NES minis stewed in a TRU display case, I planned on stopping in to check out the TMNT offerings. Hunger overran my better judgment and I went home to fire up a burger and chill out. Bad choice.

I can't complain - even though I am - I was able to snag a mini on launch day, but you know what they say... If one is good two are better!

Best of luck to those still seeking an NES Classic Edition. They're out there.

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