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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 10, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Adding to my collection as Quiet Riot marches onward re-recording “Road Rash” with new vocalist

Atari 2600 hoomebrew game, Defend Your Castle
So many great bands I grew up listening to are still going strong and Quiet Riot is one of my favorites!
Founded by Randy Rhoads, Quiet Riot broke through with their 1983 album Mental Health and followed up with Condition Critical. As with many bands, maintaining popularity isn't a formulaic endeavor.

Quiet Riot Hearing of their upcoming album reignited my interest in Quiet Riot and prompted me to rotate several of their CDs through my play list for the past few weeks. They announced a decision to re-record Road Rash with new singer, American Idol finalist, James Durbin. The album was previously completed and set for release when Seann Nicols left.

My renewed interest in QR prompted me to dig through local record bins in search of prior albums. Like many of the bands I've followed, several of their releases slipped my attention and I'm left scrambling to backfill my collection - which can be a lot of fun! In many instances, I found vacant slots where I'd hoped to find a few old gems.

Quiet Riot Road Rage album cover Sounds a lot like video game collecting. Searching out specific titles can be a combination of fun and frustration. Just as I remember when Electronic Boutique was blowing out SNES games for $4 or when Virtual Boy games were discounted to $10 or less - I kick myself for not buying my favorite albums when they were plentiful on record store shelves.

If you have the means... buy it when you see it - don't wait! The other part of that advice is - always be rich. That helps too. I love collecting the things I love. If only I had more time to chase down all the awesome things I crave :)

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