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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 28, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After Riverdale's TV premiere, April O'Neil mentions her upcoming XXX Archie parody

Some folks didn't like the dark tone of TV's Riverdale, so they might not like an adult version either.
April O'Neil If you grew up with the wholesome variety of Archie comics, as I did, the darker, sexy tone of Riverdale on the CW may not be your cup of tea. In recent years, Archie comics have also introduced darker topics and scenarios. I love how they re-imagined the characters for the show.

At the same time, I can see how it might be too much of a departure for those who loved the 50's vibe of the comics. These folks probably won't enjoy a porn version of Archie even with pinball wiz, April O'Neil at the helm.

From April O'Neil's Instagram:
"I'm super excited about the Riverdale premiere tonight but I'm more excited that my Archie parody will be released soon on @WoodRocket! I wrote & directed it! Here's a #tbt photo of me in Jughead's crown getting ready to go over the script!"

Dearth Of Archie Video Games

With such dramatic alterations to this long-time favorite comic, I'm kind of surprised Archie Comics haven't appeared in any console video games. Either the original theme or the made-for-TV Riverdale version would be great fodder for a video game of some sort.

Archie: RiverDale Rescue was released for iOS and Android in August 2014, but was abruptly removed from online stores about a year later on October 30, 2015. Big Fish Games, the studio behind this Archie game, described the cancelation as a difficult decision to no longer update the game. The next line is about it's removal from online stores. Very odd - not sure what happened to this game.

Riverdale Rescue Archie: Riverdale Rescue only lasted one year as a mobile game before being pulled from online stores. For anyone influential in the game industry, I'd be all over an Archie video game. They have a great array of characters that could provide a lot of diversity to a Sim-like game. The darker tone of the new Riverdale TV show has a lot of promise for such a game. I'd play the Hell out of it... for those interested :)

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