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August 2017 Retro Gaming Article

August 30, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

What are the odds of seeing the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile parked next to LL Bean's Bootmobile?

the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile parked next to LL Bean's Bootmobile
Last night I was stoked to discover the Weinermobile at a local hotel. Tonight, LL Bean's Bootmobile was next to it!
I'd seen a press release about one of the six Oscar Mayer Weinermobiles coming to my area. While running after-work errands, I saw the Weinermobile parked at a local hotel. This was too good to be true and I stopped to take a few photos.

While I was there, others saw the crazy hotdog vehicle and stopped as well. In the five minutes I spent there at least a half-dozen folks randomly stopped by to take pictures. I'm sure local social media lit up with Weinermobile hashtags. It was a fun find.

The following day I drove by the same hotel and was astounded to see the LL Bean Bootmobile parked next to the Weinermobile! That seemed too good to be true and again there were several people stopping by to take pictures. My timing allowed me to meet the Weinermobile driver and ask him some questions.

He was excited to tell me all the new details of OM hotdogs, but I was drooling over his slick vehicle. I was dying to know more about the truck. The model in these pictures is a 2012 model - one of six full size vehicles. Apparently, college grads are recruited to drive the truck within a certain territory, The Weinermobile becomes their daily-driver for the duration of their contract.

I got a real kick out of seeing a Weinermobile up close. I've seen many pictures and heard of their travels, but this is my first hands-on experience. I felt like a kid. Lots of fun!

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile One of six Oscar Mayer Weinermobile's traveling the US.
Oscar Mayer Weinermobile This Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is based on the original 1936 vehicle, but was created in 2012.

It was only a few weeks ago that my son and I saw the Planter's Peanut Mobile at our local supermarket.

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