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January 2017 Retro Gaming Article

January 21, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you're a fan of retro mining games like Boulder Dash, give “Sapphire Yours” a look

retro mining game, Sapphire Yours
Sapphire Yours is a modern retro style miner game. Retrieve the treasures while defeating malicious enemies and solving puzzles.
I've been a long time fan of Boulder Dash, my latest foray being on my 2DS. It's appeared on early 8-bit computers as well as modern game consoles. It's popularity as a game and genre are well defined and sequels have spawned. I really like the genre - there's something about the mining & puzzle element that has always appealed to me.

Sapphire Yours will be familiar to anyone whose played such titles, but each iteration is an opportunity for a developer to showcase the genre from their perspective. It's come a long way from 1984's Exidy arcade game. Each dev who has taken on such a project needs to be taken as tributary. When a game has so many prolific versions across time and platforms - most recently the 30th anniversary releases - the notion of "clones" needs to take a more empathetic view and be treated as a tribute to it's origins

Check out Sapphire Yours. You'll find it on iOS, Android, and Windows. It's pretty cool to see this game genre continue forward with new elements and updated graphics, while still retaining a retro feel.

retro mining game, Sapphire Yours From developer Bence Sipka:
At the beginning of the computer era, apart from playing with Microsoft Paint, games like Boulder Dash and similar miner games had great impact on me (Bence Sipka, the developer). Later my siblings and me found the game Sapphire Yours and enjoyed great deal of hours playing it, as well as creating levels for it. Later the game was not maintained and playing on modern computers became problematic as it would not run properly.

In January 2016 I decided to rewrite the game for modern operating systems and make it publicly available for the community. At the end of May 2016 the mobile versions became available in the stores, and as the further development progressed the game got ready for PC release. At the end of January 2017 the game is coming to Steam via Greenlight, with updated 3D graphics and new features for the community.

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