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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 19, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Seedi Console is a CD-based retro gaming emulation device focused on CD games

Seedi Retro Gaming Console
This upcoming CD emulation console is being crowd funding and takes a similar role as many cartridge-based emulator hardware devices.
Seedi Retro Gaming (phonetically it sounds like "CD") is crowd funding a retro gaming system dedicated to CD-based games from the original PlayStation, Sega CD, TurboGrafx CD, Neo Geo CD, and more. It will also emulate cartridges via a Retrode Adapter (sold separately).

Much of modern retro gaming hardware has focused on the older cartridge based games. A few companies, like Polymega, have looked at the PlayStation and other CD-based games, but it seems to be the next format to receive proper retro treatment.

This console plays your game discs directly from the disc, without the need to copy the game to a faster storage medium. It also works with a wide variety of Bluetooth controllers and outputs 1080p HDMI. The device does not employ a FPGA - it relies on traditional emulation.

Check out the Seedi Console's indiegogo's page for all the details. There's a lot more to it than just games - give it a look!

Seedi Retro Gaming Console Front
Seedi Retro Gaming Console Rear

Emulation Hardware Is Vital To Retro Gaming

In the last year or so, many retro emulation hardware has come to market. None of these systems truly replicate the original hardware, but many of them tackle a hurdle that is very important to preservation and continued enjoyment of retro games. They offer HDMI output and compatibility with modern HD televisions. Retro game consoles all evolved in the midst of the CRT era of televisions. While CRT TVs can still be found, that will not be the case as time marches on.

Enabling our old games to look great on modern flat screen TVs is vital. Some purists may find this scandalous, but the future of retro games needs to enable as much of the retro experience as possible. Much of it can be done on a computer running an emulator, but many of us love our old game carts and discs. A modern system that will play old carts and CD games - and even work with original controllers - is vital to the continuation of many of these games.

I'm glad to see more solutions come to market for the CD based systems that are beginning to age. Keeping these games alive is so important. I'm excited to see what innovations will evolve around CD games. Seedi seems to be offering a solid concept with a lot of added value beyond gaming.

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