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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 13, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I yelled out loud when I reached the bonus on Space Invaders Frenzy in single player mode

Space Invaders Frenzy
Space Invaders was the first arcade game I ever played, so I'm pretty stoked to have a Space Invaders Frenzy game at our local arcade.
With an addition being completed at a local resort, their arcade doubled in size this Summer. Part of that expansion included Raw Thrills' Space Invaders Frenzy. Needless to say, my son and I spent a lot of time delighted with this enormous update to the Taito original.

He and I have played Space Invaders on several retro consoles and even discovered an arcade with an original cabinet. I was eager to tell him of my first experience with SI. In the late 70s, the local bowling alley in my hometown had a Space Invaders cabinet which was my first exposure to arcade games. When I bought an Atari 2600, space Invaders was one of the first titles I bought... after Asteroids.

The two-player co-op of Space Invaders Frenzy is insanely fun. With two cannons firing, we were able to get several high scores. As the Summer drew to a close and he returned to his Mother's house, I kept going back to play more SI Frenzy. It's much harder in single player mode.Today however, I achieved the bonus and got 500 points playing alone!

I've been trying to get that bonus (and land on the high score screen) but was always a few hundred points shy. Today, I hit a few extra bonus ships and the bombs came at al the right moments. I actually yelled out loud and several kids looked over - probably thinking the old guy was having a heart attack.

I was so stoked. It was like being an kid again and achieving some nominal goal, but it still meant a lot and the joy poured forth. I was excited to tell my son!

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