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March 12, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

SmuggleCraft is an upcoming quest-based hovercraft racing game and it looks awesome

SmuggleCraft - a quest-based hovercraft racing game
Customize your hovercraft and smuggle your way to freedom! Your deliveries could decide the world's fate on PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux.
When you think about most racing games - the game is the race. You're in it to win it! That's certainly true with Happy Badger Studio's upcoming game Smuggle Craft. But there's more tucked away into this race than meets the eye. You don't line up at the starting line and dash towards a checkered flag. You're off on an adventure in which your speed is one aspect among many that will bring you success. You may even have to evaluate your moral compass. Are you going to skirt the law to raise your rep as a smuggler?

I'm impressed by Happy Badger projects because they put a lot of thought into their games. From simple mobile games like Turkey Chase to games with more depth, it's evident you're playing something that was thought out. They've dubbed SmuggleCraft as a racing game with purpose. Sure, you want to win the race, but the journey makes the win all the more savory. With alternate endings based on player-choices and randomly generated tracks, SmuggleCraft looks to be a very cool racing game unlike others you may have played.

SmuggleCraft - a quest-based hovercraft racing game The end of the SmuggleCraft Kickstarter campaign is nearing and we're hoping to snag a copy for our PS4. I haven't had the opportunity to play SmuggleCraft, but all the reviews are positive regarding the control. It sounds as if the game gives you the feeling of a marshmallow on ice with all the floaty control you'd expect from a hovercraft. If you love racers, quests, and high speed chases, check out this game and back it if it's your kind of adventure.

In perfect honesty, this game looks really cool and it needs to be on my PS4. Alas, the Kickstarter deities won't allow that without more backers coming to the cause. I love racing games, but the notion of a narrative and adventure entwined into it makes it all the better. Check out their campaign and see if you wouldn't love playing this on your platform of choice.

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