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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 17, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The folks at Retro Gamer Mag bring you “SNES” The Complete Manual

Retro Gamer Mag bring you SNES The Complete Manual
Containing over 130 pages of 16-bit goodness, this small tome is a fun read with some notable highlights.
I stopped at Barnes & Noble today and saw a few stacks of "Complete Manuals" for several devices. Then I saw this one for Nintendo's Super NES console. Had to buy that one! After a quick stop at Five Guys for a burger and fries, I was set to start the weekend with a slick retro read.

The Complete Manual Naturally, I snatched up a copy and darted to the register to check out. I was a bit surprised at the price, but I was already stoked to give it a read.At $18, this is a bit expensive, although it is a fun read with interesting info.

It starts with a look at Ten Essential Titles and moves on to a Guide to Axelay, Spotlight on Street Fighter II Turbo and a look at Wild Guns. Lots of memories came back and I have a few other titles I want to check into. See if you local bookstore has a copy waiting to be read cover to cover... twice!

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