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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 29, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

There seem to be fewer complaints this year at the close of the SNES Classic Edition launch

Signage for the SNES launch at Toys R Us
Everyone was mad at Nintendo after last year's NES mini launch. Inventory seemed much higher this year.
Having called around during the prior few days, most stores in my area (it's somewhat remote) had about 60 SNES Classic Edition consoles. Based on last year's anger and this year's intense interest in the SNES version, I was unsure what to expect at the store. I wasn't able to get a pre-order, so I had to go to a local store in the morning before work.

I took the "early bird gets the worm" approach and decided to head out as early as my aging body would allow. I groaned when my alarm went off at 5:00am, but managed to get up and get moving. With a book, folding chair, and a jacket, I headed out to Best Buy. They were allegedly handing out tickets which would allow me to snag one and come back later to actually pick up the SNES Classic Edition.

Many signs point to a much more organized and successful console launch.
Arriving just after 6:00am, there were only 8 people ahead of me. After listening to video game rants, comparisons, and tall tales, a Best Buy rep came out to dispense tickets. I went back to the office to start me day with every intention of a quick break at 10:00 to claim my cute little console.

Best Buy was quite organized in their operation and I was back in the car with my SNES Classic Edition in five minutes. The short trek to the office takes me by Toys R Us. Can you tell where this is heading?

Clearly, there was no need for me to be up and running at 5am. This was driven home when I stopped into Toys R Us around 10:20am to discover they had about ten tickets remaining. I did what any retro gamer would do- I bought another one. After finding a second console far later than I'd have expected, it seems that Nintendo did indeed increase stock for this year's launch.

It will be interesting to see how future deliveries stack up as the Holiday season gets into full swing.

The SNES Classic Edition mini console

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