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January 23, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The internet agrees: the red font for “Star Wars The Last Jedi” can't be a good sign

From this foreboding conclusion conversations shift to, “who's gonna lose a hand next?”
It seems anyone with a web presence is obligated to post the freshly released title and ominous red Star Wars logo image. So, here it is...

Since the franchise was rekindled with Episode VII, I opted to ignore all media leading up to the film's release. I didn't watch any trailers or follow any discussions. When it was released, my son and I went to see it and loved it! I repeated this plight of self-ignorance with the fanfare surrounding Rogue One. Again, we loved the film.

I understand some folks love to delve into every inch of the plot and try to discern more info. I"m a fan too. I get it, but I get a little tired of the rumors and suppositions based on any minute shred of info. To begin speculation from the title, The Last Jedi, is a bit silly and only compounded by pretending the font color contains valid clues. If I went this deep into any film prior to release, I doubt I'd really enjoy it. I want to experience the story as it's told, without having seen 20 minutes f footage from various trailers.

For those beginning the dissection of The Last Jedi... it's going to be a long 11 months.

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