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February 2017 Retro Gaming Article

February 11, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When Switch is touted as 100% gaming only, should we overlook the 0% of other stuff?

Nintendo Switch Cyber Lip
All game consoles are primarily focused on gaming. Articles glorifying the Switch in this manner make me a bit nervous.
Nintendo has spent significant time training us to connect our game consoles to the internet. From game downloads to system updates, the net has ben a conduit to expanding our devices. The Local-Play and StrreetPass technologies have enabled some consoles to reach out to others close by, but the internet has been the main connection hub.

Over the years we've grown accustomed to browsers on game consoles, but more so - apps. From YouTube to Netflix and Hulu, streaming apps are quite popular on game consoles. While a PS4 provides an array of games, it can also deliver streaming movies without requiring another device. That can be a convenience when it comes to paying exorbitant rates for an additional cable box. But why is Nintendo saying the Switch's dedication to gaming so important?

I wouldn't buy a Switch to watch TV, but online gaming on-the-go is reasonable.
Perhaps they're just trying to spin everything as a positive - who knows. Apps can be added later as needed. I'm more inclined to fire up a browser on my phone than a game console, so I don't really see the need, but this notion seems camouflaged by articles saying the Switch is game-centric. or course it is, it's a game console.

In today's world, we expect a certain amount of multi-tasking in our electronics. A one-trick-pony won't fare as well as the one that does several things. Please don't misunderstand me - I think the Switch is very cool & innovative and will do well in the marketplace. My concern is more of a curiosity than a worry. Aside from playing a DVD, I rarely use a console for anything not gaming related. I don't need my game console to be a full fledged entertainment center.

No Wifi?

While I don't need to watch funny YouTube vids on Switch, games have online multiplayer options and one of the most significant Switch features is gaming on the go. While this may mot pertain to all games, wifi wold give gamers a conduit to multiplayer games while out in the wilds - with a wifi signal. Folks are questioning whether such connectivity will be available if one can't login to a provider for wifi access.

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