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February 23, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm starting to see more Nintendo Switch kiosks appearing, but none offer playable demos

Nintendo Switch kiosk at Toys R Us
At first I thought a "playable" option might appear (later?) on these Switch kiosks, but... no.
After reading about Nintendo Switch kiosks appearing in the wild, I was excited to see one for myself. Then I saw one at my local Toys R Us. The Switch logo adorns the upper left corner above a large screen rolling through footage from some of the games. A smaller video screen is in the lower-left below the TV. As I looked at this beast, I began to wonder if it was complete. Where's the tablet and Joy-Cons?

Then it dawned on me. The unit is complete. The Switch kiosks are not playable - only watchable. I'm kind of disappointed to discover these Switch kiosks aren't playable. Even one pictured at Nintendo's NYC store isn't playable. I guess it would be difficult to showcase all the features in a secure kiosk. Let's not forget a lot of folks will steal anything that isn't locked down. Thus, securing all the pieces might be difficult.

I enjoyed the Wii U kiosks that are now being removed... and likely thrown in the trash. That would be the cue to start some dumpster-diving expeditions. Those kiosks convinced me to buy a Wii U even though most gamers were calling it a failure during it's first few months. I hope the Switch proves strong and the kiosks will help sell more units. Once the games begin rolling in, it should be a winner!

Nintendo Switch boxes at GameStop GameStop has a stash of empty Nintendo Switch boxes on their shelves. It will be interesting to see how many units they have, outside of pre-orders, for walk-in sales.
Preorder games for Switch at Best Buy Best buy still hasn't installed their kiosk (I'm assuming this space is for a kiosk. Currently, it has a few game pre-order cards.

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