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March 5, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

My local Toys R Us had 10 Switch consoles on launch day and 30 more today

Nintendo Switch Yars Revenge
I'd have guessed the restocking numbers would be less than the launch offering.
My thought this past Friday was that Toys R Us didn't offer pre-orders in order to attract walk-in customers seeking Nintendo Switch consoles. While retailers like Best Buy and GameStop may have most stock allocated to pre-orders, I assumed TRU was trying to scoop the walk-in sales.

I'd assume they'd try to have a lot of consoles for launch and restock as needed. Their stock levels were actually the reverse of what I'd have expected. Only ten Switch consoles for sale on launch day and thirty were available two days later. That's not how I'd have guessed it, but I know little about retail and all the resellers may have been at the mercy of whatever Nintendo decided to ship.

It should be interesting to compare the Switch deliveries to the paltry and infrequent allocation of NES Classic mini consoles.

GameStop Claims Switch Was Strongest Console Launch In Years

I haven't seen any numbers, but GameStop has been quoted in several articles stating their perception of the Switch launch being the strongest console launch in years. I live in a remote area, so the numbers may be lower here, but when a retailer like TRU only has 10 consoles on launch day, it makes me want to see GameStop's numbers for comparison. There has certainly been a lot of buzz and excitement about Switch, but I'm eager to see the actual sales figures.

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