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July 2017 Retro Gaming Article

July 25, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After the dreadful dearth and cancellation, Think Geek NOW has thousands of NES Mini Consoles!?!

Think Geek NOW has thousands of NES Mini Consoles
GameStops in my area had 4 or 5 NES Classic Editions each time another delivery arrived. How does Think Geek have thousands?
I recently bought a Nintendo Switch at Best Buy. Prior to this feat of good fortune, I'd ask the GameStop clerk if they had any Switches... and each time he said, YES. Then he told me they were only available online as part of a $480 bundle of stuff I didn't want. I wanted a $299 Switch!

Not long ago, GameStop bought online retailer, Think Geek. This is why many GameStops are now cluttered with random geek goodies sprinkled throughout their stores. During the height of NES Classic Edition madness, stores in my area were getting 3 or 4 units per month - GameStop included. Hundreds lined up to discover they only had 4 NES Mini Consoles.

Three months after it's official cancelation by Nintendo, Think Geek has thousands of them for sale as part of bundles beginning at $139. I'm not a fan of such cash-grab tactics of bundling a bunch of stuff along with the coveted mini console. But the real story here is how can GameStop/Think Geek have thousands of NES Classic Edition consoles!?!

Fan boys are once again vying for ways to place an oder, but there seems to be little interest or outrage about "thousands of consoles". I'm seeing terms like "found", "discovered", "stumbled onto" and the like in online articles. Are they kidding? Where the Hell did these units come from? Apparently, GameStop is not releasing any details.

Wal Mart pulled a similar stunt of "suddenly having lots of stock" weeks after one of Nintendo's scheduled blights. It seemed logical to think they hoarded them in an effort to sell them later as an exclusive when everyone else's supply was long gone. Is this what GameStop has done? How could they have thousands? Strage things are afoot at the Circle K, my friends... that's for sure!

By the way - Yes, they all sold out very quickly.

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