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March 3, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Switch launch: small TRU line at 8am and Best Buy had a table of leftover spoils at 5pm

Nintendo Switch launch days
I'm still reading up on how many gamers were able to buy Switches on launch day, but Nintendo certainly didn't over-populate the market.
I'm in a fairly small market, so I'm often surprised at the number of units coming into stores where I live compared to big cities and so forth. I tried to do some informal polling at local game retailers and found the quantities they had for Switch's launch today were not much higher than the paltry quantities of NES Classic Editions sent to these parts during the last few months.

While a $300 console, plus the addition of games and accessories, puts the Switch into a different category from the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo did not over-deliver consoles for today's launch. The $60 mini console arrived in lots of 3 or 4 units per store in my area. Today, Toys R Us had 10 Switches this morning.

I was quickly swept up in launch day excitement despite being on the sidelines!
I stopped by Game Stop and Best Buy after work and neither were willing to talk numbers, but it seemed as though they'd received similar quantities for walk-ins (excluding pre-order units). The next metric wil be seeing when additional Switch consoles appear in stores again and in what quantity.

Deep within the bowels of Best Buy (past the refrigerators and blade-less fans) the Nintendo Switch area was baren. It didn't look as though they'd put a single item on the shelves. At the front of the store was a table full of stuff - from Joy-Cons to games and random accessories.

Everywhere I went, there seemed to be far more copies of 1-2-Switch than any other game. Most reviews agree this game should have been a pack-in title. It showcases how the new system works and doesn't seem to resound well as a stand-alone full price game.

We hope everyone who went out to support the Switch's launch day were able to get a console! I held off today to "wait and see". Decades of early adopter behavior has taught me to be cautious. At the same time, it's also taught me that few companies truly understand FUN the way Nintendo does. I'm eager to get a Switch. I'll have to see how fast stores are restocked.

Best Buy Nintendo Switch launch day leftovers at 5pm Best Buy had this table set up at 5pm full of Nintendo Switch launch day leftovers.

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