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February 2017 Retro Gaming Article

February 8, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

POTUS rants about Nordstrom dropping Ivanka's line. Where was he when Sears dropped video games :)

POTUS rants about Nordstrom
I was devastated when Sears dropped video games. A bully with a kack for being a continual pest might have been good for the retailer.
Using the influence of the White House to chastise a retail chain is unimaginable. I'm sure Trump's daughter can manage her own affairs leaving him time to build walls and deride Schwarzenegger's performance on his former game show. As a father, I can appreciate him standing by his daughter, but using the official White House Twitter account to retweet his personal nonsense is more fodder for late-night comedians and SNL.

POTUS rants about Nordstrom Not to veer off too far, but I grew up hanging out at Sears trying to decide which Atari 2600 game I should buy. As a kid, Sears was a prime spot for buying games since they had game consoles set up so you could play a few games to see what struck a chord.

Atari computer kiosk As an aging retailer, Sears has been sinking slowly as a viable entity. Some stores appear outright neglected with large barren areas void of any products and parking lots that look abandoned. My local Sears is nicely kept and I shop there quite often. Not long ago, the whole chain ceased the sale of video games. All the inventory was blown out at ridiculously low prices - and it was all gone!

Could Bullying Save Sears?

Clearly Prez Donald has time to kill if he can mount a presidency and use his influence to bully clothing retailers. His skills as a top-level pest seem well suited to badgering companies. With that in mind and my passion for Sears and video games... Sears needs a bully to come along and set them straight.

Get your act together, Sears... and stop selling off your only viable assets at bargain rates. Having bought VCS games there in the late 70's, I miss seeing video games at Sears. It's too bad Trump wasn't on the scene to rage against Sears when they removed video games from their stores.

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