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July 24, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Excited to share your SDCC comic book finds with friends... start with the TSA

Airlines force passengers to remove Comics from carry-on bags at TSA checkpoints
Satellites in space perform facial recognition, but TSA scanners are stumped by comic books. Remind me why travel is safer now.
Stories are emerging, on social media, from San Diego Comic Con attendees complaining of airport TSA agents demanding removal of all comic books from carry-on bags at the TSA checkpoints. Bizarre changes of this sort have been in the news, from banning laptops to removing books and magazines for inspection. Now comic books are the target.

Isn't this simply the latest failing of a system designed to pacify and make us believe these intrusive demands somehow make us safer? With all the technology they purport to install in airports, none of it seems to recognize common items. When I see how far technology is growing and progressing, airport scanners yield similar results to TSA agents poking bags with a stick.

Not long ago, my son's bag was pulled by the TSA for additional inspection because his Nintendo 2DS was in his bag. I'm sure many handheld consoles go through these scanners every hour, how can this set off alarms, when the inspection of the questionable device doesn't even involve turning it on. The agent looked at it and let us go. Say, how much did that scanning device cost to install? And it's flagging of a bag results in a casual glance. How does the TSA define safety?

When I was a kid, air travel was a luxury and fun. My family didn't travel often, but when we did, it was an organized affair. The utter chaos that riddles airlines and travel these days is insane. TSA employees glancing at comics and electronic devices has no real effect on airport safety nor travel safety.

Today's society loves to put up a flimsy facade and pretend it offers strength. The real weakness of any airport is the utterly ignored area directly outside the airport's property. Think about that next time you're standing in line barefoot while some person in a security uniform asks how to turn on your laptop.

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