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We're forging onward with a passion for retro gaming and all the astounding things we find in today's modern gaming world with direct connections to games we loved decades ago!

September 2018 Retro Gaming Articles:

September 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Alyssa Milano appears on Saturday Night Live as a cardboard cutout behind Matt Damon as Kavanaugh

Seen all day over his shoulder during his testimony, she appeared, in 2D, in the SNL parody of the hearing.
Alyssa Milano's appearance at the actual Kavanaugh hearing drew notice from her activism and the protest sign she displayed until it was taken away by security. With Matt Damon portraying Kavanaugh on SNL, it seemed fitting for Alyssa to appear... even as a cardboard cutout. It would have been a cool cameo - too bad she didn't get on the show!

Alyssa Milano was a cardboard cutout on SNL
September 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Alyssa Milano has become a superhero of activism as Trump's swamp overflows again

Alyssa Milano seated behind Kavanaugh
As much as we see celebrities as entertainers, they are citizens with opinions too and often have both reach and influence.
What I like about Milano's involvement is she seems to be a good person without hidden agendas or nefarious plots. She's proven herself to be very determined and a lot tougher than the little girl we watched grow up on Who's The Boss. I like her and think she carries a positive message and she's not shy about her opinions! All good qualities.

If you believe the rumors, Trump ran for President to garner more respect as a game-show host on the Apprentice TV show. So much for his celebrity. He has rallied a base of hate mongers and told them it's OK to be hateful. It is not. Their hate is spreading and growing. It goes largely unchecked. #MeToo is one of the first organized attempts at beginning to eradicate toxic behaviors.

Gamers Have Been Targeted Too

As gamers we've long heard and seen the awful treatment of women working in the video game industry. It happens to almost all of us, but is especially vicious when directed at women. Internet trolls hide behind their keyboards sending death threats to women who have worked on games. There's often no motivation for their attacks other than boredom and their inability to be decent humans.

We've seen the #MeToo movement go through Hollywood, politics, gaming, music. It's everywhere because toxic attitudes and actions exist in all these disciplines. The problem isn't specific to any industry. The problem is shitty humans. People who have no respect or knowledge of civil behavior. Human garbage is a symptom of tolerance. We tollerate bad behavior from casual teasing to rape. That has to end.

Greed: Follow The Money

While some dope in a Hollywood office is strategizing the reboot of Charmed without the original cast, Alyssa is sitting mere feet away from Kavanaugh as he strains to deny allegations. Why does the Senate want to rush the confirmation of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court when there are multiple allegations of sexual assault against him?

The answer is simple... follow the money. Greed, be it fueled by money or power, is behind this blind effort to confirm this appointment. It's not judicial or political. It's greed. An easy path to power for little old men who all belong to the same toxic club. They are the center of Trump's evolving swamp.

>Alyssa Milano has become a superhero of activism
September 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you loved Golf Story, get ready for a physical copy and the Galf mini-game on an NES cartridge

Golf Story for Nintendo Switch
Releasing a physical copy of Golf Story takes on a new life with Galf on an NES cart!
The most unlikely golf game I've ever heard of is actually a lot of fun! Coming to market as a download, Golf Story is an RPG golf game getting a physical release for Nintendo's Switch. Making this even more exciting is the NES cartridge containing the mini-game, Galf. Brought to you by Limited Run Games these games are in limited quantities - first come, first served.

From the Limited Run Games website:
Golf Story for Nintendo Switch GALF, the hit game within a game from Golf Story, is now available as a fully functional cartridge compatible with the original NES® or your favorite clone console. This cartridge features nine thrilling holes of high-octane 8-bit galfing action. It is playable by one or two players in an all new NES® exclusive VS mode.

There are 1,500 total cartridges being made, 1,050 are grassy green and 450 are golf ball white. You can choose your desired color from the drop down on this page, but beware that the white cartridges may sell out faster!

Each copy of GALF comes in a retro box that has been painstakingly crafted to be as authentic as possible. The box is printed on the same material as original retro boxes and matches the same flap design at the top. The metallic gold ink on the "Limited Run" seal has also been matched to the original seal's ink.

Included in the box is a retro manual, dust sleeve, and of course, a styrofoam block to hold the cartridge up inside the box. Each copy of the game will arrive shrink-wrapped.

The Galf NES game was programmed by Tomas Guinan who recently created a fun homebrew NES game called Eskimo Bob.

Galf for Nintendo NES
September 27, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord's 2018 tour continues to provide great pics!
NYolandi Visser
September 26, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Internet's recent surprise over the existence of a 2-player Duck Hunt game shows how little we read

NES Duck Hunt art
Those in the know often used this Duck Hunt game option to trick the light-gun player.
NES Duck Hunt manual A ripple recently went through the Internet as word of a 2-player Duck Hunt game surged across social media. Many people were stunned by this news. Others new about it and used the player-2 controller to secretly mess with their younger siblings. It is a neat trick if the light-gun player thinks they are in a single player game..

I was unaware of this game variation, but I do enjoy reading and poking around to find out more about video games. So, I went to the game's manual to see what the fuss was about.

Indeed there is an option in Game A where the second controller allows you to move the ducks horizontally and vertically. As fun as this sounds (not so much) this game variation was destined for abuse. Our hearts go out to all the younger siblings subjected to this by their older brother. LOL

Reading The Manual

Anyone remember RTFM? "Read The Fucking Manual" used to be a mantra among those who grew tired of explaining thing over an over. These days, video game manuals no longer exist in printed form. Occasionally, I encounter one and it feels like a joyful trip down a familiar path. In-game tutorials are the new "manual" that we had back in the day.

Coming from the Atari era, the games were so simple, manuals were not really a necessity. I enjoyed the written backstory to many 2600 games, but primarily used manuals to reference game options. I've gone back to a lot of them and found all sorts of gems buried in those flimsy little pamphlets.

I should have applied this logic to Duck Hunt long ago!
September 25, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

AtGames changes course with “Legends Flashback” console and HDMI dongle-based “Blast” games

AtGames Legends Flashback game console
Atari may have altered their agreement with AtGames leaving them to release Legends and spread out Atari titles in smaller numbers, via the Blast dongles.
Strange things are afoot in holiday gaming! Every year we get a new Flashback with an updated selection of Atari 2600 games. The quantity of built-in games has steadily climbed while the price is still reasonable. This holiday season it looks like we're going to be benefiting from a new arrangement between Atari and AtGames.

Atari is releasing Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3 (seemingly without AtGames) and perhaps a Switch version and AtGames is putting out what seems like more "arcade" related games on a similar all-in-one console. Simultaneously, HDMI dongle-based game systems, called Flashback Blast, will come to market. It's gonna be a busy holiday season!

Flashback Legends Game Console

Loaded with 50 built-in home console and arcade titles, this box takes AtGames down a different path. While they have been known for Atari 2600 releases (and a ColecoVision and an Intellivision Flashback) the addition of arcade and home-console games is an interesting new turn.

Legends features save and resume functions - even a rewind feature when in inevitable misstep occurs. With 2 six-button wireless controllers and 720p HDMI output, this console should be on shelves on October 1st.

Game list for Legends Flashback:
  1. 1942
  2. Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon
  3. Astro Fantasia
  4. Bad Dudes vs. Dragon-ninja
  5. Break Thru
  6. BurgerTime
  7. Burnin Rubber
  8. Champions World Class Soccer
  9. Cluster Buster
  10. Commando
  11. Crude Buster
  12. Darwin 4078
  13. Dig Dug
  14. Disco No.1
  15. Edward Randy, The Cliffhanger
  16. Express Raider
  17. Fighting Ice Hockey
  18. Forgotten Worlds
  19. Galaga
  20. Ghouls n Ghosts
  21. Heavy Barrel
  22. Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
  23. Joe & Mac Returns
  24. Judge Dredd
  25. Lock n Chase
  1. Mappy
  2. Mega Man
  3. Mega Man 2
  4. Meikyu Hunter G
  5. Phelios
  6. Pirate Ship Higemaru
  7. Pro Tennis
  8. Pro Bowling
  9. Rally-X
  10. Rootin Tootin
  11. Scrum Try
  12. Sly Spy (Secret Agent)
  13. Side Pocket
  14. Shoot Out
  15. Side Arms Hyper Dyne
  16. Sky Kid
  17. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  18. Strider
  19. Super BurgerTime
  20. Super Doubles Tennis
  21. Super Pool III
  22. Super Real Darwin
  23. Terranean
  24. Tetris
  25. Tournament Pro Golf

Flashback Blast HDMI Dongle Games

AtGames Flashback Blast HDMI dongle With the announcement arriving today, there isn't too much info available, but these units seem similar to Playjam's GameStick. They seem to be USB powered dongles that connect to your TV's HDMI port and hide out of site without any bulky console to take up space. All six of these beauties are set to release on October 15th.

This is a curious strategy because at $20 folks probably won't initially buy more than one or two. I'd rather see this product at #14.99. Having six of them hit the market at once offers consumers a lot of choices that may lead to confusion rather than sales. I'm surprised they didn't release two or three for the holidays and slowly introduce the rest.

I like the idea of the out-of-sight dongle approach and it's 1080i output spec, but it's success will be very dependent on the hardiness of the 2.4G wireless controllers working well - very well. AtGames finally got rid of those awful IR controllers. Being a dongle-based system, there are not db-9 ports like the former Flashback consoles. I always preferred to use one of my old Atari joysticks. Hopefully these new controllers will be better. And do we need a new controller for each one? If there are 6 of these, I'm more apt to buy another one if I can use the same controller for each one. Maybe that's just my own quirk.

I'm excited to see game lists for these dongle -based Blast game consoles.

AtGames Flashback Blast HDMI dongle The Pong model is particularly interesting because all the games are paddle-based and includes wireless paddles along with the games listed below. These games didn't appear on former Atari Flashback consoles due to the lack of paddle controllers. Game list for Atari Flashback Blast! Pong:
  1. Backgammon
  2. Blackjack
  3. Breakout
  4. Canyon Bomber
  5. Circus Atari
  6. Demons to Diamonds
  7. Night Driver
  8. Steeplechase
  9. Street Racer
  10. Stunt Cycle
  1. Super Breakout
  2. Video Olympics (Basketball)
  3. Video Olympics (Foozpong)
  4. Video Olympics (Handball)
  5. Video Olympics (Hockey)
  6. Video Olympics (Pong)
  7. Video Olympics (Quadrapong)
  8. Video Olympics (Super Pong)
  9. Video Olympics (Volleyball)
  10. Warlords

Source: The game lists are posted on the Armchair Arcade website.
September 24, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Cosplayer and fitness trainer, Kaori, chills at The Max playing Zaxxon & Defender

The Max with Zaxxon & Defender
All the cool kids get to play retro games at The Max!
You may not want to admit it, but many of us watched the saturday morning sitcom, Saved By The Bell at some point during it's five-season run in the late 80s and early 90s. The show was oddly successful considering no one wants to admit to watching it, but clearly some of us did :)

The kids from Bayside HIgh often at a a local pop-shop called The Max. In 2016 this set from the show appeared in Chicago as a pop-up restaurant with a complete Saved By The Bell motif. It caught on and continued onward.

Every time I see pictures of The Max, I wonder what arcade games they have stashed in the back. Finally, I got a better glimpse from an LA cosplayer and fitness coach who was playing the multicade between Zaxxon and Defender. That saved me a trip our West :)

I did the vibe of The Max and how well they recreated it, but the three arcade cabinets really complete it for me.

The Max with Zaxxon & Defender You can follow Kaori on IG.
September 23, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Assassination Nation is part “Heathers” and “Mean Girls” with a dash of “Kill Bill”... and Bella Thorne

Assassination Nation is part Heathers & Mean Girls with a dash of Kill Bill
This flick takes things way over the top with a modern interpretation of the Salem witch trials.
As a fan of Bella Thorne's craziness, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her in this flick. Carrying an R-rating and a slew of warnings, this was going to be a different big-screen experience. It did not disappoint!

Assassination Nation  VHS mockup In a fictional town named "Salem" (the only allusion to the witch trials) four girls take on a town gone crazy. I read several reviews likening it to Heathers and Mean Girls, but I assure you there's some Kill Bill hidden in there too. The lunacy is astounding and the clash is above and beyond. I was so shocked it took me a while to digest it all and figure out if I liked this film or not.

Hollywood had reduced the number of R=rated films to reach a wider audience, so it's been a while since I've seen a flick genuinely deserving of this rating. I was stunned - in a good way. This movie is savage in so many ways. It speaks to a toxic social culture that is all too prevalent these days.

If you've experienced some of Thorne's recent music, she's parted ways with her Disney-image (long ago) and Assassination Nation takes it one step further. She pushes boundaries and plays a unique role within the film. I'd love to recommend this film to everyone, but it's a tough flick. It's well done and crazy, but those going to theaters should read up on it. It begins with a warning and they really mean it! :)

Assassination Nation with Bella Thorne Assassination Nation with Bella Thorne Assassination Nation with Bella Thorne
September 22, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Everyone should see Fahrenheit 11/9 whether you like Trump or not. It's an important film.

Ethics and morals play no part in modern politics. It's a calling fueled by unbelievable greed.
Everyone should see Fahrenheit 11/9 For a fleeting minute, I thought someone outside Washington's polluted political system might be able to make a difference. But realistically, a game-show host has no skills to fulfill the presidency, even if he claims to have some business savvy. When you see how Trumps peers regard him in Manhattan real estate circles, it tells a lot. He's a joke. A con-man. They laugh at him.

His presidency has lived up to all of these things. He presents himself as unknowing, unintelligent and absorbed by his own presence. As long as he can drop a monetary pitance on his followers, they're happy to support a racist dimwit who seems overly interested in having sex with his eldest daughter.

When Trump began using the phrase "draining the swamp" very few people realized his agenda was actually growing the swamp and filling it with more vile creatures than any sane person could imagine.

Michael Moore knew. He even warned us. Ignoring the possibility of a Trump presidency is exactly how he snuck into office.

No one saw what he was doing. No one paid attention. When it came time to vote, Hillary's purported dominance caused many to stay home. Others had been systematically . Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 is done in typical Michael Moore style and gently takes you down a path that should scare you the farther you travel. At the end, he answers the initial question posed at the start. How the fuck did this happen?

Everyone should see Fahrenheit 11/9
September 22, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3 has an official game list... but is there a 3-in-1 version coming to Switch?

Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3
With a focus on Arcade and 5200 games, the next batch of 50 games look good, but is there a Switch version coming soon?
I've heard rumors of a September 28 release, but I'm not seeing any evidence of this at US retailers. As of this writing, I've checked online at GameStop, WalMart, Target and Best Buy - no listing for the 3rd volume. Is it coming in sneak-style?

I love the first two volumes and they alone were the reason I bought a PS4 - although we've found many other great games. Both volumes were simultaneously released for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2016. I was sort of expecting a third volume last year.

The third volume might have gone to another publisher - the previous ones coming from AtGames, the company that makes the Atari, Coleco, & Intellivision Flashback consoles. Maybe there was some sort of rift with AtGames and they had to delay a year? I'm just speculating, but I see no mention of this game anywhere but the Atari site. No mention on AtGames site or social media. Is this really coming out in a week? If you own a Nintendo Switch, you may want to hold off... keep reading!

Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3 game list:

  1. Adventure II (2600)
  2. Air Raiders (2600)
  3. Aquaventure (2600)
  4. Armor Ambush (2600)
  5. Asteroids (5200)
  6. Astroblast (2600)
  7. Atari Baseball (Arcade)
  8. Atari Basketball (Arcade)
  9. Atari Football (Arcade)
  10. Atari Soccer (Arcade)
  11. Avalanche (Arcade)
  12. Canyon Bomber (Arcade)
  13. Centipede (5200)
  14. Countermeasure (5200)
  15. Dark Cavern (2600)
  16. Destroyer (Arcade)
  17. Dominos (Arcade)
  18. Final Legacy (5200)
  19. Fire Truck/Smokey Joe (Arcade)
  20. Frog Pond (2600)
  21. Frogs and Flies (2600)
  22. Holey Moley (2600)
  23. International Soccer (2600)
  24. Maze Invaders (Arcade)
  25. Micro-gammon (5200)
  1. Millipede (5200)
  2. Miniature Golf (5200)
  3. Missile Command (5200)
  4. Monte Carlo (Arcade)
  5. MotoRodeo (2600)
  6. Pool Shark (Arcade)
  7. Realsports Baseball (5200)
  8. Realsports Basketball (5200)
  9. Realsports Football (5200)
  10. Realsports Tennis (5200)
  11. Realsports Volleyball (5200)
  12. Saboteur (2600)
  13. Sea Battle (2600)
  14. Sky Diver (Arcade)
  15. Space Attack (2600)
  16. Star Raiders (5200)
  17. Star Strike (2600)
  18. Super Breakout (5200)
  19. Super Bug (Arcade)
  20. Super Challenge Baseball (2600)
  21. Super Challenge Football (2600)
  22. Sword Fight (2600)
  23. Wizard (2600)
  24. Xari Arena (5200)
  25. Yars' Return (2600)

Atari Flashback Classics Switch

Is an Atari Flashback Classics Coming To Switch?

Just as I'm amped about getting the PS4 release of Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3, I see atari also mentions a generically titled version for Nintendo Switch - Atari Classics Switch.

The box art boasts 150 games. Correct my math if you must, but that sounds like all three classic volumes on one Witch game cart. Of course they could take the Mega Man approach and hit us with a DL code - hopefully, NOT.

As much as I love the PS4 release, I'd love to have the three volumes on one Switch game cartridge. Taking them on the go would be a great addition to this game series!
September 20, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kiss Solo albums are getting the color vinyl treatment as a boxset for their 40th anniversary

Each record is color-matched to each face on the original album covers.
From the Sound Of Vinyl website:
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of four solo albums by the founding members of KISS with this limited-edition box set! The glossy, foil-stamped slipcase contains four 180-gram LPs in colors that match their respective cover art (red for Gene Simmons, purple for Paul Stanley, blue for Ace Frehley, and green for Peter Criss).

It also features four 12-by-12-inch replicas of the posters that came with the albums upon their initial release, plus an exclusive turntable slipmat that shows all four of artist Eraldo Carugati's iconic, painted album-cover face images. Only 2,500 copies available worldwide.

Kiss solo albums re-released on color vinyl
September 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kiss opened the 2019 America's Got Talent finale show and announced their End OF The Road farewell tour

Will this tour be the last time to see Gene and Paul live? Will Kiss forge ahead without any founding members?
Kiss used the large audience of America's Got Talent to announce their Farewell tour - THE END OF THE ROAD TOUR. Many Kiss fans were quick to point out Kiss has performed several "Farewell Tours" only to release another album and go back out on the road. As Gene and Paul approach 70 years of age, it's reasonable to assume they will eventually bid farewell to touring as Kiss. However, no one knows if this is it.

And what about the other members? Paul has spoken about Kiss forging ahead with new members - without any original members. It's hard to see that happening without quickly winning over a lot of new younger fans to grow with them. I discovered Kiss around age 10 and was entranced by every track on Destroyer. I grew up with Kiss and it seems that would one of the more probable ways for the band to go forth without the original founders.

Kiss on AGT Howie Mandel with Kiss on America's Got Talent.
Kiss on AGT Heidi Klum with Kiss on America's Got Talent.

America's Got Talent contestant Courtney Hadwin got a golden buzzer after showcasing her powerful and bold singing performance. Many slated her to win the competition, while others chose to despise her in typical internet-cowardice.

Courtney Hadwin and Paul Stanly from Kiss on AGT
September 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Sony plans to ring in Christmas with a 20-game mini PlayStation console

PlayStation Classic mini console
Perhaps Nintendo's success with retro nostalgia has prompted Sony to look at some PS1 classics, but are mini consoles the best delivery method?
Launching on December 3rd with 20 built-in games and two controllers (press release), Sony seems to be the next game company to jump into the mini console market. Each system has it dedicated followers who crave a blast of nostalgia, but how many blasts is enough?

I love the idea of a Sony PS1 Classic mini, but it is another device I'll need to find space for. I ran out of HDMI ports long ago and HDMI switch boxes are either too expensive or so poorly designed the rarely work. My TV area is pretty full. I was relieved when the toys-to-life fad expired since those figures needed to be stored... then came amiibos. I have so much stuff piled around my TV. Anyone else feel this way? Will consumers want another device to connect for a dose of nostalgia?

FlashBack Consoles Are Updated and Contain ~100 Games

Many comparisons are made to the AtGames Flashback consoles since they are miniaturized versions with built-in games. Their success comes from a slightly different model. For one, they re-release each year with some new titles and each unit contains around 100 games. I"ll pay $50 for 100 games when there are a handful of different titles. At this stage I feel different about a similar device with only 20 games.

Only 20 Games?

Nintendo seemed to set the bar at 20 games, but I'm doubtful this is the "new" magic number. There are tons of PS1 titles to choose from... Why only 20 games. Nintendo delivered a formidable product in many ways. Why is Sony assuming 20 games is the way to go. Up the ante - go for 50 games! While an official game list hasn't been released, here are titles Sony has mentioned as coming with this new console: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

Forget Mini Consoles. Just Give Us Replica Controllers

For me, the original PlayStation introduced me to compilation games. Many compilations of retro arcade titles came out for the PS1 and I loved it. We still see these releases like the Genesis Classics for PS4. So why aren't we seeing these types of games for PS4 and SWitch bundled with "replica controllers" of that era. Couldn't Nintendo release "N64 controllers for switch bundled with a game cart full of N64 games. Can't Sony release a disc full of PS1 titles bundled with PS1 style controllers?

Nintendo has effectively done this with the NES Joy Cons for their online NES titles. That makes so much more sense to me. AS far as retro consoles go, I love the tactile ability of inserting a game cart. The next best thing is realistic controls. So, I can do without cute little mini consoles housing a handful of games. Just give me a game cart/disc and replica controllers. I have no need for more stuff to attach to my dwindling HDMI ports.

Don't get me wrong, I think Sony's mini console is great news and I'm excited for it, but I question the best way for consumers to enjoy these treasured games from the past.
September 18, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you saw “Mario Kart” trending and thought a new update was imminent... sorry, it was just Trump's penis

Stormy Daniels' book, Full Disclosure
Stormy Daniels' book, Full Disclosure, describes her encounter with Trump - likening his penis to the mushroom character in Mario Kart!
When I got up this morning, both "Mario Kart" and "Toad" were trending on Twitter making it seem like a Nintendo kind of day. With the online subscription and NES joy con controller pre-orders in the mix, this was none too surprising. then I clicked the link...

Suddenly, I descended into a seedy batch of tweets about small orange dicks and lackluster leadership skills. That orange wretch was stealing Nintendo's launch day with news about his unusually weird little dick. What strange times we live in. This all supports that our existence in this universe is simply a dumb experiment or simulation on someone's desk.

Stormy Daniels' tweet Stormy Daniels' book, Full Disclosure

Can't wait to hear Wolf discussing this in the Situation Room. A decade from now, kids learning presidential history in high school might be subjected to some tough pop-quiz questions.

Which Mario Kart character most resembled the 45th POTUS' penis?"

"How many lies did the 45th President tell per day?

"How many sexual assaults was the 45th President accused of?

September 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Opcode is taking Colecovision to the next level with their OMNI game console

Collectorvision Phoenix is an upcoming FPGA ColecoVision console
While Collectorvision are making a Colecovision clone, Opcode seems to be making a new console, later compatible with other games, Coleco included.
Described as a new game console for those who love Atari era games, is a coy way of not specifying a platform. Is this not a clone. Most modern systems that play vintage games are platform specific. We see a lot of NES clones that will play the bulk of the NES game library. Might the OMNI he a hybrid? and FPGA-based system with various cores? What is it?

The OMNI is being designed by renowned video game designer Ted Mayer who worked on the Intellivision and Intellivision II. Yet there's no mention of this being an INTY clone.

The OMNI won't compete with modern consoles, but seems to be a contender in the retro gaming market. It appears to be aiming for a $180 price point upon delivery.

Opcode got their start porting games to Colecovision as well as creating new homebrew games for the system. When I was a kid with an Atari 2600,I always envied the Colecovision as a powerful system for arcade ports. Opcode's Super Game Module, for the Colecovision, only made it better (debuting in 2012) with a wider selection of great games, many of which are arcade ports. Thus Opcode has a lot of Coleco knowledge. Will this apply directly to the OMNI?

A few specs relayed on Twitter
  • 8-bit CPU
  • 32KB of RAM
  • Tile and sprite based
  • 16×16 sprites
  • 64 sprites on screens simultaneously
  • 8 colors per object
  • A dozen different color palettes
  • VROM in cartridge, like Nintendo did with the NES
We look forward to discovering more about the OMNI as the project moves forward.
September 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Collectorvision Phoenix, an FPGA ColecoVision-compatible console, is available for pre-order at $300

Collectorvision Phoenix is an upcoming FPGA ColecoVision console
They appear to be taking console pre-orders before the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the same console... what?
I'm interested in this Phoenix project with a FPGA core and both Super Game Module and F18A Video compatibility built in. However, I'm finding a few peculiarities to this "Pre-order." The Q&A section of the Collectorvision Phoenix pre-order page mentions an upcoming Kickstarter campaign with a $200 price point. That seems to conflict with the $300 pre-orders being taken on the same web page. They say the pre-order price is higher with the reward of substantially earlier delivery.

Collectorvision shared a poll on their Facebook page asking if anyone would be interested in paying the extra one-hundred bucks for early delivery. Very few folks wanted to fork over extra cash for an earlier delivery date. LOL! Yeah, I can wait - no prob...

The final package will not include controllers although the console has DB-9 controller ports compatible with original Coleco controllers. But if you don't have functioning ColecoVision controllers, you're out of luck. They say a modern controller will appear down the road, but not at launch. Among other things, they want to make the console via injection-mold, but may have to 3D print it if funding isn't there. They alude to the console having an Expansion Module Port, but no add-ons will be available at lunch - maybe down the road (or maybe not).

From the Collectorvision website:
Your support by purchasing the Early Access console will be greatly appreciated as the additional cost of these units will be contributed to finalize the mold for the case and fund the remaining development tasks and licensing costs.

If proceeds from pre-order sales will be used to finalize the chasis molds and development, I'm wondering what state of completion this project is at. This imagery suggests a working prototype, but there is always additional work to be done once the case is finalized - like temperature teting and cooling necessity/options.

On the positive side, the Phoenix console has built-in support for both Super Game Module and F18A Video compatibility. Like many of the modern-retro consoles coming to market, this one outputs HDMI for us eon modern televisions. It comes with one pack-in cartridge game and ten built-in homebrew games.

I love the attention being given to the Colecovision platform, but I'm going to wait for the hardware to reach backers and see what sort of reviews come in. I don't know the timetable for the Kickstarter. Maybe early pre-orders will be delivered before the Kickstarter. We'll have to wait and see.

Collectorvision Phoenix is an upcoming FPGA ColecoVision console
September 15, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo offers NES-style controllers for use with Switch's online membership

NES-style controllers for Switch's online membership
These controllers are designed for the online NES titles as opposed to Switch games which require more sophisticated controls.
It seems Nintendo has finally put Virtual Console to rest and is trying to keep up with it's competitors with an online subscription model. Of course Nintendo has to do it their own way and throw in a few twists. The subscription seems to include access to some NES titles, cloud-based saves, and more online play among friends for Switch games. Im not getting a good sense of how many NES games will be offered or their availability when on the go and not connected to the internet.

I'm sure more info will come to light as the service is set to go live on September 18th. As usual, many folks, unaccustomed to paying for anything but the games themselves, are outraged at the lack of Virtual Console and the inability to play Switch games with the new NES-style controllers. They have very few buttons - how could they be used outside older NES titles? Some people just like to have something to complain about. I'm like that too, but try to be somewhat rational about it :)

While available now for pre-order for $60, it sounds like the NES-style controllers won't ship until mid December. The issue I wrestle with is the lack of games from other platforms. The NES-style controllers make it seem as if that will be the platform of choice going forward.

From my Wii days, I liked being able to download NES, SNES, and a few other platforms. This seems a bit more limited. Nintendo has a long history of doing things their way, so we'll have to see exactly how they've implemented things, once the launch occurs.

NES-style controllers for Switch's online membership
September 15, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Echosmith's Sydney Sierota has great stage presence

As a touring trio of siblings, with parents in tow, this girl really commands the stage
I dig their music and love the way they interact with fans on social media. They're definitely the 'Cool Kids'.

Echosmith's Sydney Sierota
September 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you have an Amiga build, check out this series of authentic styled cases

Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case
Via Kickstarter, Amiga Systems are offering an Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case.
Check out these various Amiga cases from Amiga Systems. If you have an Amiga build you've been wanting to complete with a more authentic look - even a PC - check out their Amiga Systems Kicksarter campaign. They offer several different case designes to accomodate various motherboards and internals.

From their Kickstarter campaign page:
The new case is designed as an homage to the beauty and power of the Amiga 3000 and has the optional keyboard garage like the original Amiga 1000. The modular design is capable of building a highly powerful, True Amiga, based on the A500, A600 and A1200 motherboards with all of the extras that are available for these amazing computer motherboards like the Vampire accelerator/24bit graphics upgrade.

Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case Without rigid standards or expectations, computer developers of the 80s were free to let their imagination run wild and reach new heights. Those in the know were aware of the insane graphic and audio capabilities of the Amiga. It outshined everything around it.

A buddy of mine had one and I was amazed at what his Amiga could do versus my computer. He had a pair of cool speakers hooked up to his Amiga. I was certain my computer had to have a speaker... it beeped when something went wrong. I was astounded by the demos he showed me. This was a multimedia machine in a sea of text editing demons.

If you have an Amiga project in need of a case, take a look to see if this Kickstarter campaign fits your needs.
September 13, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Arcade1Up has pushed their retail launch date to October

They hope retailers can fulfill current pre-orders until additional inventory is available at the store level.
It sounds like lots of folks are eager to get these game cabs into their game rooms. A large than expected pre-order demand has left them with fewer games for the original retail launch date. It sounds like those who already pre-ordered will get their units on the original Sept. 25 launch date.

Those who ordered later or planned on picking one up at a retail store will have to wait a few more weeks until Oct. 16..

Arcade1Up pushed their launch date to October
September 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Entenmann's Pop 'Ems

Accept no substitute.
When it comes to gaming snacks, we love a nice pyramid of Pop 'Ems - the best doughnut holes in the business!

Entenmann's Pop 'Ems
September 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:


We all want to believe.
We all want to believe
September 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It works so well in Tempest, I think my life needs a Super Zapper button

I've always liked the voice in Tempest 2000 on Atari Jaguar that says, "Super Zapper Recharge!"
my life needs a Super Zapper button
September 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Insomniac Games agreed to embed his marriage proposal in Spider-Man, then Maddie dumped him

Insomniac Games embeded his marriage proosal
It's so cool that Insomniac agreed to embed his proposal, but Maddie dumped him for his brother! Love is fickle...
This story has been going around, but who knows what really went down between these two. As a gamer, I love this proposal idea and it's insanely cool of the developers to agree to it and make it happen! But not everyone is like me.

Apparently, Maddie dumped him weeks before the game was released, but some articles are reporting she didn't want that kind of proposal. Sounds great to me, but I like video games. I wonder how many more people will think it's that simple and beg devs to add stuff like this into upcoming games.

Insomniac offered to remove the message in an upcoming patch. So, if you have a soft spot for love and want to see this message, you may want to look sooner rather than later. For those looking to become internet-famous with a similar stunt, you may be better off buying a copy of NES Maker and creating the game yourself. Now THAT is a proposal!
September 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I've greatly underestimated my passion for Debbie Gibson as I sit here watching the Hallmark Channel

She's in a TV movie about a teacher looking to get back into music. Is there a bit of truth hidden in there?
Debbie Gibson on Hallmark Channel
September 7, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I've been craving Yooka-Laylee on PS4, but held out for Switch

Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch
Having passed over Yooka-Laylee for PS4 on many occasions, Limited Run Games brings the physical release to Nintendo's Switch.
I've read mixed reviews about Yooka-Laylee, but I crave it's look and feel. I can no longer count the number of times I've picked up the PS4 release in GameStop and managed to talk myself down... and wait for the Switch version!

Today was the day! Limited Run Games brought the physical release to Switch. Price-wise, the PS4 version is half the price, and the Switch DL has been around since last Christmas, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch.
Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch Yooka-Laylee Classic Edition for Nintendo Switch was limited to 3,000 copies available worldwide!

This Classic Edition included : the region-free Yooka-Laylee physical game, Full-color retro-style manual, 18 x 24 inch poster, CD soundtrack, non-functional retro cartridge (for display only).

I ordered the standard edition, but the Classic Edition looked pretty sweet. It came with some nifty stuff, but had I known about the mock-N64 cartridge, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat! Alas, it was sold out, but you can still get the standard edition as it is being made-to-order based on sales numbers. The Classic Edition has limited quantities of the various hard-goods, so it sold out.
September 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

RIP Burt Reynolds, 1936 - 2018

In the last few weeks I've watched both Smokey & the Bandit and Cannonball Run. Burt Reynolds is a legend!
RIP Burt Reynolds
September 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

FYI: It's not just today, every day is “Read A Book Day”

It's a great day to support your local library or go to an independent book store!
Don't limit yourself! Every day is a good day to pick up a book. Check out the new releases at a local independent book store and go see what your library has to offer. My library is connected to other nearby libraries, offering a huge amount of books, CDs, DVDs, and video games.

Every day is Read A Book Day
September 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Polymega pre-orders come to a halt due to website problems

Polymega pre-orders come to a halt
Just when you thought a modular expandable retro gaming console was coming to fruition, the website fails and the product is 7 months out anyway.
Yesterday's pre-order launch was supposed to begin for this unique modular retro console. We began taking interest in this project last year, but the roller coaster effect was a bit too much. Hype would emerge and recede with no solid info on timing.

As a concept, we dig it. A disc-based unit allows several different platform game discs to be played and modules are sold which connect to this base unit giving capability for a variety of cartridge based games. You could buy an NES module or an Atari 2600 module. Buy them a la carte depending on they type of game carts you own.

The main appeal is not having to hook up a separate console for every platform - like most of us do. Hyperkin's Retron series offer some relief by combining multiple systems into one unit, but Polymega seemed to take it farther in a more elegant manner. But I have to say, I love my Retron77!

Polymega Pre-Order Woes

A seemingly large amount of traffic overwhelmed their server. LOts of orders? impatient browser refreshing? Some sort of attack? All sorts of possibilities exist, but now they've been down for 24 hours with none of the site accessible. They've spoken o switching servers and other behind the scenes solutions, but it's taken it's toll on would-be customers.

Prior to the server outage, several customers alluded to $500+ pricing and a 7 month wait until the final product is delivered. Naturally, I want to visit the site to see about pricing and timing, but this sort of order failure doesn't bode well when pricing is high and wait times are lengthy. We hope they resolve things soon and can get all the information and ordering capabilities back online.

So far, this is what has appeared on the Polymega Twitter account:

Polymega tweets September 6 - morning update: The website is now displaying a "We'll be back soon" message. Hopefully, they can return functionality soon and regroup to relaunch their pre-order scenario.

Polymega standby message
September 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Star Fox on Super NES

I still remember the first time I played Star Fox on my brand new SNES. It was an amazing day!
Star Fox on SNES
September 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When Keanu Reeves is at the hotel bar next to your wedding reception

Affable and willing, Keanu took pictures with the bride and groom in classic style!
Keanu took pictures with the bride and groom
September 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Bandai-Namco offers Pac-Man Stories on Amazon's Echo line of Alexa voice assistants

Interactive Pac Man stories from Bandai-Namco
If you love playing Pac-Man stick with arcades. If you want to venture into an interactive Pac-Man story, just ask Alexa!
If you've ever read - or in our digital age, spoken with - one of those create-your-own-story books (or apps), then you are already familiar with this type of adventure. A cheerful voice tells a story and gives you options to choose from to steer the adventure based on your input. At a crossroads you simply speak the desired action and you continu to explore.

PAC-MAN Stories are geared for kids and perhaps those with an eccentric passion for Pac-Man. I have to admit I grinned when I heard the Pac-Man arcade theme erupt from my Echo Dot when the app launched. On a separate note, we also tried Runescape Quests which is similar in function, but geared to a somewhat older audience. Also worth a try.

Pac-Man Stories are told in a lively voice - not Alexa's droning tone. The AI is nicely implemented and comes back with witty replies when you don't follow the directions or the app becomes confused by your response. When you quit, there's an auto save so you can pick up where you left off. Considering the screen-time many kids rack up, listening to an Echo for a while is probably a good thing. It's fun and lively and comes from Namco - What's not to like? :)
September 3, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Relive the sounds of an 80's arcade with Arcade Ambiance on CD

Arcade Ambiance
As a kid at my favorite arcade, I'll never forget the melding of attraction sounds as I walked through the door.
If you still remember the attraction sounds from arcades in the 1980s, you might like the recordings of Arcade Ambiance. Andy Hofle must have similar memories to mine, but he did something about it. Across four CDs, each representing a core set of games, he captured the sounds and created long-play, non-looping audio files of these sounds. If you close your eyes, you'll feel like you're transported back in time!

Good Deal Games was allowed to produce CD versions of Andy's files, the proceeds going toward their website. So, I don't believe these were ever commercially available on a large scale. Although these are "out of print", the files are available for download and the CDs sometimes surface on auction sites. If you have a game room or just want some background sounds while playing video games, Arcade Ambiance is a great audible companion to any gaming session!

Arcade Ambiance on CD

The Sampled Video Games

You'll find the following games on each of the Arcade Ambiance CDs or MP3 files.

Arcade Ambiance 1981:
Asteroids, Astroblaster, Berzerk, Centipede, Crazy Climber, Crushroller, Defender, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Gorf, Missile Command, Moon Cresta, Mousetrap, Ms Pacman, Omegarace, Pac-Man, Phoenix, Qix, Rally X, Scramble, Space Invaders, Spectar, Tempest, Venture, Wizard Of War

Arcade Ambiance 1983:
Bagman, Bump n Jump, Burgertime, Congo Bongo, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr, Elevator Action, Food Fight, Galaga, Gyruss, Joust, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo, Mappy, Mario Bros, Millipede, Moon Patrol, Mr Do, Ms Pacman, Pengo, Pleiads, Pole Position, QBert, Robotron, Sinistar, Stargate, Star Trek, Tapper, Time Pilot, Track & Field, Tron, Xevious, Zaxxon, Zoo Keeper

Arcade Ambiance on CD via Good Deal Games Arcade Ambiance 1986:
Arkanoid, Bank Panic, Bubble Bobble, Commando, Excite Bike, Flicky, Galaga 3 (Gaplus), Galaga, Gauntlet, Ghosts N Goblins, Gunsmoke, Hat Trick, Hogan's Alley, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Jail Break, Kid Niki, Mag Max, Marble Madness, Ms Pacman, Pacland, Paperboy, Punch Out, Rampage, Road Fighter, Russian Attack, Sky Kid, Spelunker, Super Sprint, Star Wars, Tiger Heli, Time Pilot 84, Two Tigers.

Arcade Ambiance 1992:
Altered Beast, Arkanoid, Cyberball 2072, Galaga, Golden Axe, Klax, Neo Geo (Magician Lord, Baseball Stars Professional, Nam 1975), Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, Raiden, Roadblasters, Street Fighter 2, Smash TV, Tetris, TMNT, Toobin, & Xybots. Pins: Black Knight 2000, Elvira, Fun House, Whirlwind.

September 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Virtual On Cyber Troopers reminds you not to do drugs

These FBI warning screens were on so many '90s video game screens
This anti-drug slogan that was included in arcade games from the American Amusement Machine Association into the U.S. between 1989 to 2000. It displays during the game's attract mode scenes that tempt players to drop some quarters.

The messages are credited to FBI Director William Sessions made a deal with the AAMA in which twenty arcade manufacturers agreed to include the slogan in their games. The slogan first made its debut on January 10, 1989, when games were show at a press conference.

Virtual On Cyber Troops - no drugs
September 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:


Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord
I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot -*- I fink u freeky and I like you a lot

Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord
September 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love the video games I played in the early 80's arcades... and I have no intention of stopping

Retro arcades are tributes to an era that will never repeat! Enjoy them often!
Keep playing arcade games After seeing a movie and playing Time Crisis 4 in the theater's arcade, I headed north toward an arcade that will soon be closing for the season (such is the way in a vaca destination area). They have Time Crisis 3, but the main attraction for me is Space Invaders Deluxe and Chase HQ!

Star Wars Trilogy & Chase HQ

When I arrived, I noticed they had upgraded a failing Star Wars Trilogy game, formerly using a projector TV. The display failed and they replaced it with a modern flatscreen. It wasn't as large as the prior setup, but it was working and a lot of fun! The steering was a bit janky on Chase HQ, but the overall feel was so wonderfully genuine - I didn't really mind.

Space Invaders Deluxe

Back in '79 I found my first arcade game in a local bowling alley - Space Invaders. I have to admit I'd never heard of Space Invaders Deluxe, but I love it. Your ships horizontal movement is controlled by L & R buttons as opposed to a joystick and the invaders have a few surprises as well. As far as I can tell it was released in 1980 by Taito, shortly after the original game which released the prior year in 1979.

Playing video games today brought back many memories which is why it's fun to search out indy arcades that offer an interesting selection of games. I'm fortunate to live in an area that has a pretty good selection, but many of them are only open n the Summer season. Gotta get my time in while I can ;)

Space Invaders Deluxe The surrounding arcade is reflected in the Space Invaders Deluxe display. The game play has a very floaty feel :)
September 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Have you played Atari today?

Now is always the right time to play Atari!
Have you played Atari today?
September 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Arcade1Up adds Galaga & Galaxian to it's lineup along with a 12-in-one cabinet plus a riser

Arcade1Up adds Galaga/Galaxian
For $499 you can get a 12-game cabinet with a riser. I suspect buying options will be increasingly complex as more options arise.
Arcade1Up adds Galaga/Galaxian Arcade1Up is offering 3/4 size arcade cabinets with a few games built in to each cabinet. We wrote up an article about Arcade1Up not long ago, but more options are being presented. Some SKUs have two games while others have four. Now there is a twelve-game model available for pre-order.

I"m not surprised to see Galaga and Galaxian added to the lineup. The game selection is downright devious (not in a bad way). Each cabinet has at least two must-have games, another good game, and one of lesser interest. It's a devious selection :) Maybe it's just me, but the folks a Arcade1Up don't want you to buy just one. Can you blame them?.

However, I can't figure if the pricing is based on the games themselves or other options. I wouldn't want to pay the same price for 2 games compared to 4 games. There must be licensing deals with each of these, but as gamers, we are trained to think old games are free. They are not. Just because you have 5,000 arcade ROMs on a hard drive and you haven't been locked up, doesn't mean it's legal.

Benefits To RetroGaming

I must admit I'm fascinated by these products. I'm not sure it's the right product for me, but I see great value to the right consumer. I think they're great for RetroGaming in general. What a great way to put games like Defender, Asteroids, Joust, and others front and center in retail locations! Additionally, the "arcade experience" of the stand-up cabinets with joysticks and buttons totally removes the console feeling. Joust is fun, but holding a controller ruins the arcade aspect for me. Both of these things make Arcade1Up's cabinets very compelling.

However, the 3/4 sizing, smaller display, and pricing don't work for me as a consumer. That's just a personal thing for me. And now they up the ante to twelve games plus a riser for $499. This model features: Asteroids, Centipede, Major Havoc, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Crystal Castles, Tempest, Millipede, Gravitar, Liberator, Asteroids Deluxe, and Quantum. The cabinet includes joystick, Trackball and dial controls for the variety of included games.

Arcade1Up - For $499 you can get a 12-game cabinet with a riser Best Buy has this model listed for only $399, but make no mention of the riser. Other sites list the riser (for stand-up play) as part of the package and list it at $499. Emulators and ROMs have long been a staple of RetroGaming, but projects like this may help bring those old games back as money-makers for the companies who created them or own the rights.

Companies aren't going to support old games when widespread piracy is occurring, yet gamers want these games to live on. This is one way that can happen and may shine light on the ROM issues and offer new revenue streams. Time will tell.

August 2018 Retro Gaming Articles:

August 31, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mulder & Scully become Barbies for the X-Files' 25th anniversary

The first batch didn't really look like Duchovny nor Anderson, but Mattel is getting a second chance.
Mattel made a brave effort back in the day, but technology may not have been up to par when it came to recreating the actor's likenesses. And here I was thinking tech advances only effected cell phones and video games.

For the 25th anniversary of the X-Files, Mattel is getting another chance at releasing our favorite FBI agents as Barbies. This time, they look a lot more like Mulder and Scully. Retailing around $40, these should be big sellers.

boycott the real problem
The 25th anniversary X-Files Barbies look much better than previous efforts.

boycott the real problem The X-files debuted September 10, 1993 and ran for 9 consecutive seasons (202 episodes) before returning again to fan's delight for two short seasons in 2016 and 2018. There were also two feature films.
August 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Why boycott delicious burgers when I can boycott the real problem?

I'm down for great burgers and voting greedy assholes out of office.
When I saw #BoycottInNOut trending on Twitter, I wondered what my favorite fast food joint had done wrong. A social faux pas? Tainted beef?

Turns out they gave a $25,000 donation to the GOP. While I have nothing but disdain for the GOP, I don't see the sense in depriving myself of delicious burgers when the real problem is much larger than $25K. Political offices are full of wealthy white assholes who reap the benefits of the highest bidder. Kickbacks are the norm and political office-holders are set up to cash in on everyone else's misery.

If those with a problem with a small donation would go to the polls and vote out the greedy assholes, we can all enjoy wonderful burgers and correct the problem at the source. Abuse of political power is the problem, not a meager little donation. If you don't like something, do something to correct it. Splashing hashtags across social media is trite and accomplishes nothing. Voting is power! Eating at McDonalds simply deprives you. Eat at In N Out and register to vote... and go to the polls!

boycott the real problem
August 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari gathered their dev team to exchange progress on building the new VCS game console

Atari's new VCS
I want to say this is good news, but the eleven month window and fresh bubble wrap doesn't inspire confidence.
The clock is ticking and Atari has less than one year to deliver their new VCS game console, on time. Having collected $3 million, they listed July 2019 as the delivery date for those who crowd-funded the project.VCS on Indiegogo.

A recent post on Medium spoke of an Atari tech summit where they got all the teams together to discuss various aspects of building a game console. I'm not familiar with Medium, but I was unable to find this info on any of Atari's domains.

Atari's new VCS The Atari VCS 1.0 Hardware System Prototype is a custom AMD development board, with the Bristol Ridge processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM. They shared a few pics of the testing board, citing it's large size (18" wide) as unique to the texting & dev phase. The retail version will use a smaller board that will fit inside a reasonably sized case.

Thermal Testing... on bubble wrap?

They state Atari is working on "thermal load under various power draw scenarios" which will enable them to see how much power they can pack inside a case without any overheating. I would think you'd need the actual board and case to truly determine the devices viability or need for an internal fan... but I'm not an engineer, so that may mot be necessary at this stage. Modeling may give enough info with the testing boards.

I do know a bit about photography and marketing. I would never have released those board images. They appear to be "new in-box" shots. The whole feel of the photos gives no evidence of "work" or "testing". Boards resting on pink foam and bubble-wrap sends the wrong message. Stage the shot as needed - everyone does it. Put the board in a work/lab environment. I'm not accusing them of anything, but sending the right message is important for a company (new Atari) with a sketchy hardware record.

Regarding the modernized joystick- they admit to understanding consumer desires for paddle functionality, but they give no indication it will happen. I'd place paddle-functionality in the "no" column. They are working with Power A for the controllers.

Game-wise, they listed the following games as running on the new VCS: Rocket League, Terraria, Basketball Classics, Borderlands 2, Broforce, Smugglecraft, Dropsy, Banner Saga, Shadow Warrior. They also alluded to Atari Vault being the source of the built-in retro games. This sounds like progress, but I hope their thermal testing didn't cause any of that bubble-wrap to melt. :)
August 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Shatner Clause is comin' to town and he's got a slew of guest singers on this Christmas album

William Shatner has a very diverse career despite all the years on Star Trek. This guy gets around!
When it comes to Christmas music, I love both traditional songs and the way-out-there releases. For example, Joan Jett's Little Drummer Boy is phenomenal and I love Twisted Sister's Christmas album. How can I not crave William Shatner as Shatner Clause?

With great guests from Henry Rollins and Todd Rundgren to Billy Gibbons and Ian Anderson, it's hard not to want this disc... at least that's how I feel.

Look for this holiday delight on October 26 or you can pre-order it today! I'm going to have to blast a few of these tracks on Christmas morning!

William Shatner's Shatner Clause album
August 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Get your crayons ready for the Bill & Ted Adult coloring book

Bill & Ted Adult coloring book
From Wyld Stallyns to Rufus and The Grim Reaper, you can bring them all to life in vivid color!
Back in January, the first ever coloring book for the Bill & Ted film franchise arrived to confused shoppers. Is this for kids? Wait, it says "Adult". What?

It can be confusing when you're looking for a super rad coloring book for your toddler and come across a coloring book for you. Your child may not like competing with you for artistic dominance, but you can't pass up the opportunity to color all your favorite moments from the Bill and Ted movie franchise!

Bill & Ted Adult coloring book
August 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Third Editions' book, THE HEART OF DEAD CELLS, is a visual “making of” account of the Motion Twin game

Available in February, this hard cover book is equal parts behind-the-scenes and beautiful artwork from the video game.
Benoît Reinier has written a unique book about the Dead Cells video game. Third Editions has dome a great job in bringing video games to beautiful hardcover books that delve into their intricacies. For The Heart of Dead Cells they have done their traditional behind-the-scenes exploration while at the same time creating an art book full of imagery from the game.

Third Editions' "Heart Of" series will take on a 50/50 split between artwork and behind the scenes content. This sounds like a winning combination. On facet I like very much about their books is the singular focus. Too many books try to cover too much or cater to a very wide audience. Third Editions' books focus on single video game titles and do an great job "digging in".

Arriving in February, i'm excited for this release as I've greatly enjoyed the Dead Cells game on Nintendo Switch. I have not seen the book - as it's not currently available - but I loved their Zelda book! Keep en eye out for this title and check out the Third Editions website and check out their current offerings. They are a French publisher and I believe all titles are available in english.

From the Third Éditions website:
The Dead Cells game is a production of the Motion Twin studio located in Bordeaux, France. Released in August 2018, it has already won over a million players! The title's excellent quality has attracted media attention around the world, and for many, it is one of the best games of 2018. Yet, this is not a large budget work. On the contrary, the game was developed by a small French team. And it was precisely thanks to these designers that the author of our book, Benoît Reinier, was able to gather totally exclusive information, anecdotes and illustrations!

This new collection 'The Heart Of' offers the best combination between an art book (beautiful and successfully showcased visuals) and a making-of (exclusive behind the scenes information). However, unlike other books of this kind, the works in this collection will not only offer a plethora of illustrations, but also content. The game's universe, its story, its gameplay and, naturally, the work behind the scenes will be covered through exclusive interviews solely conducted for these books.

August 27, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Better late than never... Dotemu and Lizardcube are releasing Streets of Rage 4 in a partnership with Sega

Streets of Rage 4
Hand drawn and gorgeous - we're ready to play, but no release date or platforms were in today's news or trailer. All in time.
The team working on Streets Of Rage 4 game are those behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap which cane out in 2007. A trailer dropped today to announce the project, so details are scarce, but the animation and visual style look great. Despite the lengthy gap in the series, part 4 seems to continue in side-scrolling arcade style and promises an original story featuring regulars, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding.

Streets of Rage is an iconic trilogy from the 90's, beginning on the Genesis. I don't have any of the original cartridges, but I have the first two games on my 2Ds and the trilogy appears on SEGA Genesis Classics for PS4.

The AtGames' Genesis Classic Game Console, the mini console that arrives on retail shelves each holiday season, often features SOR. There have been several releases of this console (much like AtGames' Flashback consoles) but they are not identified, thus each release has some different games. The latest one I have removed all three SOR titles!

I'll bet SOR4 will bring 'em back to that Genesis mini console. I'm confident it wil be released across several platforms, but we'll hold out for a Switch release.

Streets of Rage 4

From the Lizardcube website:
Publisher Dotemu (Wonder Boy, Windjammers 1/2) and developers Lizardcube (Wonder Boy) and Guard Crush Games today revealed Streets of Rage 4, an all-new continuation of SEGA's iconic arcade brawler series known for its radical fights, jammin' "90s beats and dashing sparring gloves and bandanas.

A cult classic
Streets of Rage, known as Bare Knuckle in Japan, is a trilogy of beat 'em up games developed and published by SEGA in the 1990s.

Famously known for its non stop action and electronic dance influenced music - scored by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima - the series has gained the status of cult classic throughout the years. It is considered one of the best beat 'em up series of all time. After many years, Axel and Blaze are finally picking up the fight where they left.

Featuring hand-drawn visuals from the team behind 2017's gorgeous Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remake, Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy's gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem. Streets of Rage 4 recalls classic gameplay but it stands as an entirely original arcade-style romp thanks to the expertise of Guard Crush Games and Dotemu.

Whether players gang up with a friend or clean up the city solo, Streets of Rage 4 is a skull-bashing, chicken-chomping delight all set to a thumping soundtrack sure to get your blood pumping.

Social media
To keep up to date on all things Streets of Rage 4, punch your keyboard until it types, go to and slice that follow button on Twitter @Dotemu, @Lizardcube and @Guard_Crush.

Legal line
© SEGA, all rights reserved. © 2018 Dotemu, all rights reserved. Developed by Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games and Dotemu.

The comeback of the legendary Streets of Rage series.
Beautiful graphics fully hand-drawn animated by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.
Classic gameplay enhanced with brand new mechanics.
Braised chicken served on a pristine plate.
August 24, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

We've been playing a lot of Dead Cells on Switch - and loving it

Dead Cells is a rogue-like Metroidvania video game now available for Nintendo's Switch (previously on other platforms too).
This action-platformer lets you think you have things figured out. You don't. Death after death seem to fill in more details, but there is plenty of mystery to keep Dead Cells in rotation - lots of re-play value here. Each death reveals a bit more and perhaps it will help you get farther on the next play.

Dead Cells on Nintendo Switch The artwork is a sheer delight to navigate through and the weapons will entice you to try new strategies as you go or on the next inevitable session. The game has a wonderful balance of routine mixed with novelty in a way that builds frustration, yet compels you to keep at it.

We urge you to try Dead Cells and experience a game born of good design and development know-how. Too many games become routine and forgotten too quickly. This game keeps us coming back for more unlike the majority of video games we encounter. Give it a try!
August 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Producer, DJ, and former adult actress Lupe Fuentes has a Game Boy moment on Instagram

Lupe Fuentes has a Game Boy moment
It just goes to show how pervasive video games are and how many of us still relate to a console that's decades old!
Out of the blue I saw a random post by an Los Angeles DJ asking: "Do you remember the Gameboy? Did you had one? What's you current favorite video game?"

The Game Boy changed the way many of us viewed video games. For me, I was excited about arcade ports coming to home consoles and then the Game Boy comes along allowing me to take many of my favorite games on the go! It was my first handheld console and I wish I had invested in more games back in the early 90's. So many great games came out in that era!

Check out Lupe Fuentes on Instagram.
August 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Bella Thorne takes the Hot 100 stage at Jones Beach in NY with her new songs

Bella Thorne at Jones Beach
No former Disney-star has shed her youthful starlet identity faster than Bella Thorne. New-Bella is crazy cool!
Billboard's Hot 100 Festival took place at the Jones Beach Amphitheater over two days with over forty bands on three stages. Somewhere in that mix Bella Thorne snagged a spot and showcased some of her new music. I'm pretty sure Disney's Shake It Up wasn't the catalyst behind her "Pussy Mine" track.

Watching her music and movie career is very similar to Miley Cyrus separating herself from her Hannah Montana persona. Thorne is highly successful with this venture. CeCe Jones has left the building!

Bella Thorne at Jones Beach
August 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As Sharknado 6 completes the series, it also marks the end of “Shark By Tara” perfume

Sharknado 6 It's About Time
If you want to celebrate the sharkiness of Tara Reid, now is the time to get her fragrance, Shark By Tara.
Shark By Tara fragramce I"m sort of surprised to discover Sharknado is concluding as a series with this 6th movie. It seems like the sort of random nonsense that could go on eternally. Perhaps the ratings are slipping... short of that it seems like a yearly event complete with a great PR tour including Comic Con. Everyone loves sharknado, right?

Watching Sharknado has become a summer tradition that keeps on giving with the pre-show marathon and a new feature film. The idiocy grew at an epic rate and always delivered a more awful film that the previous summer. That was it's beauty and dedication to it's creation. Sad to think its over now.

Aside from the DVDs, I didn't delve into collecting any memorabilia from the series. I didn't even know about Tara Reid's perfume until I saw stories on it's demise along with the films. It's a great tie-in with the Sharknado franchise. Go get some and revel in shark stank as you go out on the town!

Shark By Tara Reid
August 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Time Off: Sumer Vacation Part II is about to begin!

The site will be quiet for the next few weeks, but we'll return with savage gaming passion!
We're off on another stay-cation full of mini golf, water parks, arcades, and retro gaming. As we take on each day and fill it with gaming delight and a few good movies, we hope you all have an awesome Summer and can take time to enjoy friends, family and the things you love most.
August 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro gaming should always be inclusive showcasing video game history through it's amazing games

Retro gaming should always be inclusive
Being a "Retro Gamer" involves a love of old video games and a perspective for their enjoyment long into the future. It's not about being the "most retro".
After seeing a toxic post by a retro gaming purist, I am reminded of why I love old games. This person was going off about the desecration of retro gaming by those who used clone consoles, emulators and flatscreen TVs. While I understand the perspective, all the things he railed against are what will ultimately enable these games to be played decades from now.

Many of us love the decades-old games we played as kids. Like many of you, I've shared many of them with my son and he loves old Atari and Coleco games as much as the latest on PS4 and Switch. My original Atari 2600 is still functional as is my old Sony 27" Trinitron TV. But time will eventually doom both. What then?

Too many folks don't understand how finite all of retro gaming really is. Game carts once considered common are now rising in price as morons make lamps and random art out of video game's remaining history.

I grew up with an Atari 2600 and was astounded by the early 80s arcade ports. They weren't true to the originals, but being able to play Space Invaders and Defender at home blew my young mind.

It seemed as though someone was putting out a new game console every year! Each christmas holiday... a new Atari. Intellivision. Coleco. Each one had more capability than its predecessor. As a kid I couldn't buy every new system that came out, but it was often on my mind as I endlessly played my favorite Atari 2600 games.

Years later, I was astounded by the arcade ports on Nintendo's NES and how realistic they had become. I didn't come from a computer savvy family, so I had no idea how game consoles and computers were starting to overlap in terms of capability. Today's PC market enables insanely fast rigs for gaming, or you can roll with a console. The possibilities are grand these days for old and new gaming scenarios.

It isn't often that I encounter toxic trolls trying to prove they are "the most retro" with a CRT and original 80s game system. When I do, they remind me of how chill most gamers are and how much we enjoy learning from one another by a shared passion for old games.
August 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

CollectorVision is developing an FPGA Video Game System for ColecoVision game cartridges

CollectorVision FPGA Video Game System
Aside from integrated SGM support and HDMI output, new controllers would be a boon to the Coleco realm.
The modernization of retro gaming is really taking off these days. From Hyperkin's Retron77 to Analogue's Super Nt, games from the past are seeing a brighter future. Collectorvision is developing a Colecovision clone console and plan to fund it via Kickstarter. As an entirely separate entity from Coleco, they are calling it the CollectorVision FPGA Video Game System

I'm excited to find out more about this console and when to expect it's crowd-funding campaign. CollectorVision are well known in the retro gaming community and it sounds like they're making smart decisions about it's design. They're licensing Opcode's Super Game Module (SGM) to be compatible with the many homebrew games taking advantage of (requiring) it. It offers HDMI output while retaining the original DB9 controller ports. I'm assuming this means you can use you old Coleco controllers, but I'm hoping they will design a more robust modern controller for it as well.

Colecovision games are getting a lot of well deserved attention with some great homebrew carts and a resurgence of their mini tabletop games. Keep an eye out for CollectorVision's Kickstarter - this should be really cool!

August 7, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ruby Rose named the next Batwoman on TV's Arrow crossover - cool!

I'm not a huge fan of superhero stuff, but this is shaping up to be really cool!
If you've seen Ruby Rose on Orange Is The New Black, then you're likely excited to see heer take on the roll of Batwoman! This will be a crossover with Arrow and potentially a stand-alone show. Apparently, the CW network was looking for an openly-gay woman to take on the role. That's cool, but I'm reading articles saying the Batwoman character is going to be gay.

It seems to me that some of these reporters may be assuming if the actor is gay... so is the character. It doesn't matter one way or the other, but it's nice when journalists get the story right. So, will Batwoman be gay. Who knows. I'm stoked to See Ruby Rose in this role!

Ruby Rose named the nesxt Batwoman
August 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Elon Musk has licensed some vintage Atari games for use on the Tesla's touch screen

Classic video games on Tesla's touch screen
People worry about "too much fun" in the driver's area, but what if the windshield was the screen?
Tesla creator, Elon Musk, has an interesting idea for the next upgrade to his car's touch screen. He wants to inject some fun and has met with Atari to make it happen. He wants classic Atari games on the touch screen and in particular has mentioned wanting the Tesla's steering Wheel to control Pole Position. Sounds cool, but I think he needs to go bigger.

Despite Musk saying the games could only be played when the car is in park, there will always be concerns about distracted drivers... even if they are not driving. ONe can put many safeguards n place, but why not make the game so immersive the driver doesn't want to drive the Tesla. Put Pole Position up on the Windshield like an encapsulated VR session.

Classic video games on Tesla tweet
Classic video games on Tesla The touch screen seems like a logical place to play games... but this is Musk... Tesla. He's bigger than this.
Classic video games on Tesla Musk wants the steering wheel to be a component of playing Pole Position. Forget the touch-screen, the game should be projected on the car's windshield - while it's not being driven and in park!

August 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This is a cool story about stories that can come back to haunt you #SpiceGirlsFan

Imagine being outed all these years later when you thought no one knew you liked the Spice Girls!
Pre-famous Blake Lively took a photo with a little girl at a Spice Girls concert in 1997 at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA. Lively was dressed as Baby Spice (cool shoes) and the little girl wanted a pic. Flash forward to when you're a public figure as an actor and your past comes back to haunt you.

This story is particularly funny to me since I recently ran into two old friends when I was at a store buying the Spice Girls Greatest Hits. A wave of nostalgia came on me and next thing I know I'm explaining the purchase to folks I haven't seen in years - lol.

Everyone loves the Spice Girls
August 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

So many great pics are coming from Die Antwoord's latest tour

Yolandi Visser!
Yolandi Visser As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix. As we take a brief detour from retro gaming for a sampling of Die Antwoord pix.
August 3, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

What game kept you and your friends up late at night?

We couldn't get enough of Wizard Of Wor!
This was the game I'd first rush to when we went to the arcade as kids. Then I'd come back for more as I got my fix of other games. I lost a lot of quarters between Wizard Of Wor and Asteroids!

Wizard Of Wor
August 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Happy 37th anniversary Mtv!

How about playing some music videos to celebrate? No? Oh, OK.
Mtv launched on August 1, 1981 which was 37 years ago. I still remember the cable company digging a trench to bury the wire from the street and finally putting a set-toop box on or TV. Music took on a new life for me with Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and J.J. Jackson.

Original Mtv VJs Mtv on the moon
August 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Internet touts it's boorish stupidity as the first official Terminator glimpse is released

first official Terminator pic
Some folks think it's an all female cast, fearing James Cameron may have forgotten about Arnold and all those scary robots.
Today we got the first official look at the new Terminator film featuring Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton. It will be directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison. You can catch it in the Fall of next year.

We know the storyline will pick up where 1991's T2 left off, ignoring the subsequent films. What we didn't know was how quickly some fans would forget that all the Terminator films have featured strong female characters. One guy saw the promo image with three women and commented his displeasure with the all-female cast. What?!? A Twitter user likened it to the "all-girl ghostbusters movie" and went on to say it was crap.

Strong women have always been a focal point of the Terminator franchise.
The awesomeness of having Linda Hamilton return is she's a badass! She formed John Connor to lead the resistance. The waitress we met in the first film graduated to become a leader. It was a cool transformation to see her accept and excel at teaching John everything he'd need to know.

Linda Hamilton is a woman. Sarah Connor is a woman. Yet, some fans are still surprised to see women featured in the upcoming Terminator film. I have a theory about trolls and internet hate. We see so much of it these days, one tends to think it's a recent epidemic of failing societal values.

Sarah Connor I think the world has always had a large population of abysmal morons. The internet has simply amplified their voice. In the age of instant gratification, their behavior is easy to accomplish. It's kind of sad. With all the information available online, the rotten few would rather ruin the experience as though they gain some sort of benefit. At the end of the day, trolls are just as sad and lonely as they were during their misguided tirades. Oh well.

Looking forward to the new Terminator Film!!

July 2018 Retro Gaming Articles:

July 31, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Yolandi Visser

Die Antwoord
Yolandi Visser
July 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Turn your head into an Atari VCS with this beanie from ThinkGeek

This winter beanie has plenty of VCS style!
Exclusive to ThinkGeek, this swanky hat mimics the four-switch console with the layout printed on the front. There are vents printed on the cuff along with an Atari fabric tag that is stitched on.

Atari VCS beanie
July 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

No Titleists or Callaways needed when “Meat Cannon Golf” lets a turkey dinner soar down the fairway

Meat Cannon Golf for Androidand iOS
My knowledge of golf comes from Caddyshack. While I don't think Al Czervik's bag had a grill, Rodney would have loved 'meat cannon.'
If you've ever heard Sebastian Bach discussing the brilliance of "Skid Row" as a band name, you'll recognize the genius of a video game titled, Meat Cannon Golf. No marketing director wants to admit it, but they all know 'meat cannon' is top-shelf verbiage when building buzz about your upcoming launch. It spurs curiosity... lots of it :)

Meat Cannon Golf will bring a different kind of "golfer" to the links. You know it isn't a sim. You won't have to spend time in the pro shop upgrading your shoes or consulting fairway wind speeds or measuring grass heights. The title says it all! in fact, I'm certain I rented a Ginger Lynn film with the same title in the late 80's. So, anyway...

In 2018 we're beyond my childishness. Gaming is a billion dollar industry spaning a myriad of devices. We're all interconnected online with our games and can discuss them on any number of social media networks. I'm sure you'll find threads demanding a vegan option.


Meat Cannon Golf for Androidand iOS If you'v played other games by Moe Bull Corporation, like Microgee, you know you'll find some clever fun throughout Meat Cannon Golf. The game is easy to pick up an dive into. Start the power meter to determine the distance of your drive, line up your shot, and swipe like crazy to fine tune distance and direction. Moe Bull doesn't rest on absurdity, they simply add it to their great games.

It's a fun game, but more importantly, it's clever. There is enough "pure golf" to make a good golf game and then layer on the absurdity so folks like myself will get a kick out of it.

I would never spend an afternoon wandering through 18 holes at great expense. I'm the guy who takes that same level of dedication and applies it to the local mini-golf course. I demand bright blue water falls, windmills, and the obligatory "clown's mouth" when I golf.

Suffice to say, Meat Cannon Golf is my kind of golf game. Available for both Android and iOS, it will make you smile and lets you apply your golfing prowess to a cannon with a variety of unlockable meats. Go for it... you know you want to.
July 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

You can be Ridgemont High's Jeff Spicoli right down to his Colt 45 t-shirt

Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 t-shirt
Own this classic shirt from the equally classic film - Fast Times At Ridgemont High!
Fast Times At Ridgemont High is one of my favorite 80's films that offers a healthy dose of comedic madness. You can snag the Colt 45 t-shirt Jeff Spicoli wore in the convenience store scene from this 1982 classic. This is probably a limited time offer, so act quick!

Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 t-shirt
Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 t-shirt

Quick synopsis of Fast Times At Ridgemont High:
Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a pretty, but inexperienced, teen interested in dating. Given advice by her uninhibited friend, Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates), Stacy gets trapped in a love triangle with nice guy Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) and his more assured buddy Mike Damone (Robert Romanus). Meanwhile, Stacy's classmate Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), who lives for surfing and being stoned, faces off against Mr. Hand (Ray Walston), a strict teacher who has no time for the slacker's antics.
July 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Arcade1Up creates a home retro arcade experience to be sold at local chain retailers

Arcade1up games
At 3/4 size and simple assembly, Arcade1Up offers a semi-realistic home arcade experience.
Arcade1Up is bringing some vintage arcade games to the home (or office) environment in a fairly realistic manner. Offering 3/4 scale cabinets with licensed art and ROMs, you can buy a few and create your dream arcade in your basement. Keep in mind they are not full size and still cost $299.

They currently boats five arcade-style cabinets, each with 3 or 4 games. To give you an idea of size, they seem to be the right hight for a seated player. You can also buy a riser to bring it up to a proper standing hight.

Arcade1up games This Arcade1Up game cabinet features: Rampage, Gauntlet, Joust, and Defender.
Arcade1up games This Arcade1Up game cabinet features: Asteroids, Tempest, Major Havoc, and Lunar Lander.

Arcade1up games This Arcade1Up game cabinet features: Street Fighter II, Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers.
Arcade1up games This Arcade1Up game cabinet features: Centipede, Crystal Castles, Missile Command,, and Millipede.

Arcade1up games This Arcade1Up game cabinet features: Final Fight, Ghosts 'N Goblins, 1944 Loop Master, and Stryder.

I think these cabinets are pretty cool for a number of reasons, but I feel the $299 price is a bit high for only getting three or four games. I like that they all offer really good games from my favorite gaming era, but the 17" monitor seems a bit small. With many retro consoles now outputting HDMI, we are accustomed to gaming on our large TVs. A compact SBC Pi device will output to TVs in a similar manner. I'm not sure retro gamers want to go so 'retro' that a small monitor will satisfy. At the same time, this is all relative to it's scale.

This brings up another point. For me, you have to be standing! With all the classic arcade-style brought to these machines, I couldn't sit in front of such a gorgeous cabinet. It's part of the experience. Pick up a riser for your Arcade1Up cab!

Yes, We All Know About Raspberry Pi SBCs

Every time anyone makes a comment about any gaming device that does not provide access to 10,000+ games, some jerk has to make the "Raspberry Pi comment". Our helpful commenter (be it on Facebook, twitter or any platform capable of displaying comments) will crash your discussion to make sure everyone has heard of Raspberry Pi. He will also insinuate mild anger that you dared to discuss a multi-game system without acknowledging that Pi-builds are cheaper and offer more games. Thank you Mr. Helpful. Now we have a solid reason to hate you.

Not everyone has the time or skills to build a Raspberry Pi gaming device.
The basic truth is - he's partially correct. If you have the time and skills, you can make a retro gaming cabinet featuring many emulators and even more ROMs for nearly every game imaginable. But we all come to this world with different abilities and desires. Not everyone wants to build a wooden cabinet and has the electronics know-how to get a SBC (single-board computer) Raspberry Pi to play retro video games.

Non-Traditional Retailer Are Great!

I feel the key to these Arcade1Up gaming cabinets is the retailers who are offering them. If you love tinkering with electronics, that's cool, but there is a large population of folks who who shop at GameStop or WalMart (Bed BAth & Beyond for arcade games?). They just want to play retro games... not fabricate the device itself. These are large visible retailers providing a retro arcade experience - although pricey - it's another win for retro gaming.

Arcade1up retailers

So... Yeah, Bed Bath & Beyond

One day a co-worker of mine comes back from lunch where he spent an hour at Bed Bath & Beyond. Not the first place I'd send a lunch hour or any hour, but he had some gaming news. He spoke of an amazing product they offered that played classic Atari games. Immediately, I dismissed his choice of lunch spots for more info about these Atari games.

My mind was a blur of possibilities. I ask questions and he offers his best interpretations... which led to more questions. I'm on the brink of going to BB&B on my own lunch hour, when it occurs to me - is he talking about AtGames' Atari Flashback? Indeed he was. My excitement waned and I am currently wondering how the Arcade1p came to be available amongst the scented candles and bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond. Maybe I should drop in there with one of those 20% off coupons when the Arcade1Up launches.
July 27, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Win a cookout with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman - just food... no meth

Arcade1up games
To celebrate Breaking Bad's 10th Anniversary, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul invite you to the original RV for a cookout!
This is a pretty cool contest that lets you donate to charity for a chance to visit the actors in the original RV. If you're a fan, this is pretty cool!

Arcade1up games
It's been 10 years since Breaking Bad's groundbreaking premiere, and the charitable organization Omaze is giving fans a chance to celebrate in the coolest way possible. So wash up your favorite tighty whities and get ready to fly to LA with a friend to check out the actual RV from the show where you'll join Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in a cook session, should you win this contest.

It'll be just you, your friend, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in The Krystal Ship whipping up some illicit meth delicious food, taking tons of pictures and revisiting the most addicting show ever made. The lucky winner will even have their flights and hotel included.