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February 2020 Retro Gaming Article

February 4, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari unloaded another ambiguous press release full of factory pics and no launch info

Development consoles in the Atari VCS factory
With no discernible plan, Atari continues to tell us they're tweaking things for the next wave of development consoles.
Not long ago, Atari was hoping to deliver the VCS to backers in December 2019. Then, they said they needed a few more weeks. So, on February 4th (a month later), they are tweaking things for the dev consoles. If you know anything about development and timelines, this just doesn't add up. Theres no way they could deliver in "a few weeks" when they have yet make a commercial run of consoles.

Everything about this project is rife with conflicting information. They say they showed off a working Atari VCS console at CES, but no one has reported playing a video game on an Atari VCS. They're never quite ready to launch because they're making improvements. But these "improvements" go on and on for months. Is this thing ever going to reach a state of completion? They show no interest in delivering this hardware.

Atari offers their fans very little to get excited about. Who uses assembly line photos to showcase progress? I don't want to see how mufflers are put onto Mustangs. I want to see that car put power to the pavement and use every ounce of power to jump off the line. Excite me! Don't bore me with assembly pics. Show family's playing games. Show gameplay footage. Show off some apps. Do something sexy and uniquely Atari!

I find it interesting they can't even get their own Atari Vault software to run as built-in retro games on each console. They have a special version of it that you stream via Antstream - who provide most of the retro offerings via subscription. Atari needs to get serious about this project. Do you know what that means? It means they'll walk away from the VCS and pretend no one is watching as they gloat about Atari Hotels.

Red PCB in the Atarri VCS

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