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August 26, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Making $1 million in 24 hours is difficult, but Bella Thorne did it on Onlyfans without adult content

Bella Thorne on Onlyfans Bella Thorne on Onlyfans
It didn't stop there as she cleared $2 million by the end of week one.
Largely perceived as a NSFW site for content creators, Onlyfans began in 2016 as other sites like Patreon showed success. Many sex workers use the site to sell content directly to fans. You may be surprised by the number of popular cosplayers who also sell nude and lewd pics on the platform. When Bella Thorne announced she had set up an account for her fans... some may have jumped to conclusions about the content she would offer.

If you were to ask me if I thought there was a shortage of bikini pics of Bella Thorne on the internet, I'd say no. I'm sure the paparazzi chase her often enough to satisfy the global need for semi-provocative photos. She posts a lot of this type of content to her social media anyway. So, why pay $20 per month for her Onlyfans account?

Bella Thorne tweets about no nudity on her Onlyfans I think a lot of folks misunderstand her provocative side and assumed her Onlyfans account would contain nudity. While she did direct an adult film for PornHub, she doesn't distribute such content of herself. If you read her book, The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, you'll get an idea why her Onlyfans account is more likely to be a PG-13 rated affair.

Interviews have revealed she set up the account for the "experience" to be used in an upcoming film. She also stated the earnings will go into her production company and various charities. My guess is this fan account is a lark that will disappear or fade away as quickly as it surged.

Maintaining such accounts so fans will continue to pay the monthly fee is hard work. It's not easy money, even though adult content is often misidentified as such. I think she'll either grow tired of it and move on or it will serve it's experiential purpose and be shut down. Enjoy Bella Thorne on Onlyfans while it lasts... if that's your thing.

Then There Was Controversy

Bella Thorne tweets an apology As a subscription service, Onlyfans offers other ways to charge subscribers in addition to the monthly fee. You can sell content individually via a Pay-Per-View model. Some have said Thorne posted nude content for $200 using the PPV setting.

The content turned out not to be nude - no surprise there - and people demanded their money back. This is said to have caused OnlyFans to change the limits on PPV content and tips as well as how often they make pay-outs to creators.

Sex workers have launched numerous complaints about Thorne and how she used the site. They say Onlyfans' new restrictions effect their income from the site. There's been a lot of backlash and accusations.

Bella Thorne has never struck me as a devious or greedy person. If she lied about content to boost sales, her account should be deleted.

She's already wealthy, so I don't see this as a get-rich-quick scheme. It seems poor judgement may be the root of this. She seems to use her celebrity and status to bring attention to causes in a positive way. She apologized in a string of tweets.

I can see how sex workers would initially be angry with Thorne and they have the right to be mad, if she lied about her content. At the same time, that's like getting angry at Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger. Bella Thorne isn't the root of the problem.

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