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December 2020 Retro Gaming Article

December 17, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This Atari Hotels hat may prove to be the most valuable “Atari” item in my collection

Atari Hotels hat
Atari has a long history of non-delivery from epic fails to quietly walking away from bad ideas. Hence my surprise at receiving this hat.
When I first heard about the Atari Hotels project, at the beginning of the year, we were all waiting to see if this hardware-phobic version of Atari could deliver a new game console. A hotel chain? WTF? Recently they did begin shipping the new VCS (two years behind schedule), so why not erect gaming hotels.

Atari Hotels merchandise I'm uncertain how Atari gaming hotels could ever be a thing, but we can set that aside because they are producing merch for this hotel concept. A few months ago, I heard about limited edition shirts and hats being released with the new AH logo.

My first thought was it's another scam. But you know what? It was much like the new VCS console. I doubted anything would ever come to market, but I bought one of their sexy joystick controllers with some modern flare. Similarly, I went in on an Atari Hotels hat from their Atari Hotels merch site.

After a few weeks passed, I emailed the company asking for a tracking number on my order. They apologized for the delay saying it should be issued in a few days. Skepticism set in quickly, however, in a few days I got an email with a tracking number and several days later I received a delivery date.

Needless to say I was surprised to open my mailbox and see a shipping envelope (shown above) with a large Atari Hotels logo on it. My hat had arrived! I was excited. Combined with the news (and independent third party proof) the new VCS video game console has begun shipping to backers of the indiegogo project.

As time marches on, I wonder how rare this collection of Atari Hotels merchandise will become. I can't believe they will sell a lot of these items. Any ladies seeking a crop-hoodie commemorating a nonexistent hotel chain? Yeah. Might be worth something down the road.

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