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March 2020 Retro Gaming Article

March 26 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Panzer Dragoon leaps from Sega Saturn to Nintendo's Switch via Limited Run Games

Panzer Dragoon on Switch via Limited Run Games
This was a classic on Sega's Saturn and evolved to other platforms... now coming to Switch!
I was an early adopter of Sega's Saturn video game console and had to buy Panzer Dragoon (1995). Very cool game for it's time. Limited Run Games begins open pre-order for the Nintendo Switch release on March 27th. They describe it as a "visually-upgraded remake" of the classic Panzer Dragoon game. Stop by to reserve your copy.

As you may know, LRG has a deal with Best Buy where they sell a limited quantity of LRG's stock of select titles. I've found several releases at my local store that I'd missed at the initial online sale. LRG says that Best Buy may pick up Panzer Dragoon and offer a case with different artwork. hey say this deal is not set in stone, so it may not happen. I don't consider Best Buy a good back up if I can get a game direct from LRG. Interesting that they may have alternate artwork. Collectable? Higher value? I'm not sure.

If you've enjoyed the game on the Saturn, check out this version for Switch.

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