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June 2020 Retro Gaming Article

June 12, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Sony's PS5 has a cheaper version for those who prefer digital downloads and won't be playing PS4 games

Sony PS5 editions
The most exciting feature of the PS5, for me, is it's PS4 compatibility! Digital Edition? No thanks.
The Sony PS5 will be available in two distinct hardware formats. One has an Ultra HD Blu-ray for PS4 and PS5 game discs, the other is a Digital Edition and lacks the drive mech. I've read the savings may be up to $100 for the disc-less digital model. And while the price seems pretty high for a game console, the savings may prompt more folks to switch to digital formats.

I'm a die-hard fan of physical media, so the digital edition is not something I would buy. For those seeking to save some money - I'm all about that - the digital edition will cost less. However, I've very often used my PS4 as a Blu-ray player for watching movies. It's been convenient to not need a separate DVD player for movies. This saves me the cost of a player, the space it takes up, and most important to me - I don't lose an HDMI port to another device. Modern TVs need more HDMI ports!

My first game console as a kid was the Atari 2600. I grew up playing movie tie-in games like ET, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and Superman. While the objectives often mimicked the movie's plot, the graphics were as 8-bit as ever. Today's generation has grown up with consoles that bring the movie experience to a controlled video game nearly seamlessly. I think these two generations have different expectations from a new game console.

The chips get vaster, the graphics are better, and the sound is phenomenal as we march forward. At the same time, I still love a round of Yar's Revenge or Defender. I don't need hyper-realistic gaming. I prefer a great game. A lot of folks forget a bad game will suck just as much on a new video game console.

I'm confident the PS5 will be revolutionary in many ways and do amazing things. I know I will eventually buy one, but as with every Sony console after the original Playstation, I've always bought the next one in it's final few years in production. I'm excited about PS4 compatibility, but great games are what will sell me on this new version. And I definitely need a drive mech!

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