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June 2020 Retro Gaming Article

June 10, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro Fighters' Duelist is an improvement on the GameCube controller, for Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch

Retro Fighters Duelist controller
Sleek wireless and made for Smash Bros., Retro Fighters are reinventing how you play!
Retro Fighters have been bringing their expertise and logic to both retro and modern controllers giving us options we never had and quite possibly didn't know we needed. Their latest update is for the infamous GameCube controller design and brings it to Nintendo Switch's release of Smash Bros. Check out the Duelist Kickstarter for this upcoming controller.

It keeps the GameCube aesthetics in an ergonomic design that is much more akin to a Pro Controller. It gives better button access as well as a new "S" button for your fave Smash or Short Hop attacks. The Duelist will even bring your console out of Sleep Mode without a walk over to the dock.

It's lithium ion battery recharges via USB-C and employs the latest in Bluetooth technology. Check out the larger "A" button. This controller is full of surprises that will become part of your regiment for playing Smash Bros.

Retro Fighters' Duelist controller I first encountered Retro Fighters when they debuted their modernization of the classic boxy NES controller. I was astounded by the options it offered and the way it gave me many new ways to approach each game with a variety of control options. I have since tried their N64 controller and loved it as well. Retro Fighters has a golden touch when it comes to rebooting controllers.

June 10 upudate: Kickstarter campaign cancelled

From the email sent out by Retro Fighters:

While we did surpass our goal of $13,000.00 (thanks to you guys!) we feel that we need to make some modifications and adjustments to improve the overall layout, design and functionality of the Duelist controller. We at Retro Fighters listen to all feedback and constructive criticism and only want to deliver the best possible product with whatever we do, so at this time we will be cancelling the Kickstarter for the Duelist Switch controller.

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