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April 2020 Retro Gaming Article

April 12, 2020 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

SNL's “At Home” edition offered a purposefully awful Call Of Duty Twitch streamer

Saturday Night Live At Home - Call of Duty sketch
Social distancing to stifle the global pandemic led Saturday Night Live to tape cast skits from their homes. Good effort!
Coronavirus survivor, Tom Hanks, was the virtual host of the April 11 SNL At Home edition. Performing a monologue from his home, he kicked off the show with musical guest Chris Martin. Social Distancing was the common theme of the night as the usual backdrops were replaced by the casts' living rooms.

The highlights for me were Pete Davidson doing a funny mock Drake video and Weekend Update having Alec Baldwin call in as Trump. Jost really should have had a Scarlett Johansson cameo (maybe I missed it?), but Baldwin's one-liners made up for it.

Definitely enjoyed the failing Twitch streamer skit with Mikey Day. This is the main reason I'd never stream myself playing video games. I'd be terrible at every game and trying to carry on witty banter at the same time would never work for me. Funny stuff - especially when he reverted to Super Mario bros and couldn't play that either.

The lack of standard laugh tracks - a symptom on many late night shows as well - really sets a stark awareness of "something different." The world tries to normalize as many things as possible during a pandemic. After weeks in quarantine, we need a taste of "normal" to some degree.

It seems this At Home Edition was a one-time idea and they will continue re-runs until the show can resume post-pandemic. With that in mind, I wonder what other late night shows will do. Many have begun similar home strategies. How long will this last. Will the comic splendor of these shows ever return to television? I hope they will.

Saturday Night Live At Home - Alec Baldwin as Trump

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