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December 2021 Retro Gaming Article

December 5, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

“Don't Look Up” is an ironic comedy/drama capturing our stupidity in a likely scenario of our planet's demise

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As today's world views our failing political system, this movie sums up the rampant stupidity that lives in our country's highest offices.
Released today and available to stream on Netflix on Christmas Eve, Don't Look Up is a brilliant blend of comedy and drama amidst a harrowing tale of Earth's destruction and our addiction to stupidity as a nation. In the face of science and knowledge, we cower to greed and capitalism to the point of imminent elimination of our planet.

It's a wonderful scifi film that showcases just how demented we are as a society and how futile it is to believe that the educated world would ever be able to get out from under capitalism's greed. When the obvious action is countered by lies and misinformation, it mirrors the frustration of today's educated people who must look on in utter disbelief of how low we've sunk.

Don't Look Up If you haven't seen Don't Look Up, go see it! It's a great film in so many ways from calling out shortcomings, to putting anti-science in perspective. While scary in practice, you can't help but laugh at us. In fact that's what the world is doing now as they see our way of life roasting in a dumpster fire.

Riddled with inside-jokes and innuendo, during a PSA for peace of mind, a phone number is put on screen that is not one of Hollywood's usual "555" numbers leading nowhere. Instead this number went to a "singles near you" type of service. Just another great joke poking fun at our futility in times of need.

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