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May 27, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Evercade VS Founder Edition console went on sale at 5am

EverCade VS Founder Edition console
I was stoked to get the Founder Bundle with the extra game carts, but that was an early start of the day.
Being very impressed with the Evercade handheld, having the ability to play these games on my TV was a must-have concept. Evercade has brought new life to a lot of games simply due to their multi-game cartridges. I really wanted the VS console. The Founder Edition came with 2 new game carts (Intellivision & Bitmap Bros) and four from their new "Arcade" series.

EverCade VS Founder Edition ordering timeline The Founder Edition of the Evercade VS was on pre-order this morning from Funstock in the UK. A quick check of time zones meant I had to set my alarm for 5am to get up and hopefully secure one of the 5,000 consoles up for pre-order.

The founder Edition is sold out, but the standard VS console is still available and highly recommended. Dual game ports allow two carts to be accessed, so load up tow faves ad ou can play games on either one. Four controller ports let you bring your couch-mates into the action and you can even use your Evercade handheld as a controller on the VS. Definitely look into the Evercade VS and see if it fits your needs for a retro console.

Funstock - Great Ordering Experience

One thing I really want to mention was the ease of ordering from Funstock. I live in the US and Funstock is in the UK. I've engaged in many online ordering scenarios where it is time sensitive and many people will be connecting to vie for product. So, many of these scenes result in severe lag, server crashes, and a variety of annoyances that ruin the fun of getting a cool game console. Funstock was AMAZING! No problems at all. I was in and out and back in bed in five minutes, stoked to have a VS coming my way in November!

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