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Jume 3, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Another holdout of the Video Rental Store era is nearing closure - Family Video

Family Video
Once a large chain of 500+ Family Video stores, they are selling inventory, memorabilia, and merch.
Growing up we didn't have Family Video rental stores in my area, but I spent countless hours in stores just like it. Back in the day, you could find video rental stores next-door to each other. Across the street. You never had to drive far to find one. Alas, the streaming generation has been corrupted into the idea that physical media is a concept of the past.

Family Video gift card People today complain about the horrible menus systems of online streaming options and the constant removal of titles. At the onset, these services promised everything would be easily accessible online. For a while it was, but these services have to pay for the titles, so they have a finite life of return on investment (ROI). Owning is always best whether it is movies, games or your car!

Family Video seems quite unique in that they are far more diverse than just video rentals. They've opened Pizza restaurants next to their video stores (Marco's Pizza). They also tend to own their locations, often entire strip malls, making their neighboring businesses their tenants. Most Mom& Pop video rental stores went under quickly because they had no fallback position.

It's sad to see another large swath of the once great rental era fade away, but the "Family" seem prepared to stick around with their various other enterprises. In the mean time, I recently ordered the shirts below. If you loved this ere, snag yourself a Family Video shirt while they're still available. Long live physical media!

Family Video t-shirts

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