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April 24, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

PiePacker's browser-based system lets you play multiplayer retro games online, even physical cartridges

Play multi-player retro game online with your friends
Play built-in retro games in a browser with your friends or use their hardware to play your own game cartridges online!
PiePacker is bringing modern online features to retro gaming. Through their subscription service you can play retro games via browser with video chat among your friends. In addition to a library of built-in games, they offer hardware, the PieReader, to play any NES, SNES, and Genesis game cart in your browser. Presumably more consoles will be added - vai adapters.

I have to admit the hardware aspect of PiePacker is what stokes me most. The idea of playing three game libraries online with friends on video chat is very cool! Being able to grab on of my game carts and play online with a buddy sounds like a great addition to retro gaming. The hardware looks like a game console, but interfaces with you computer and features adapters for each of the currently supported three consoles. They are also working on mobile, TV, and Desktop apps.

Obviously all of these features hinge on the PiePacker system that currently runs in the browser. One hopes they will grow and expand the offering, but it could also fail and render the whole experience null and void. Think of it like the online multiplayer games today that require logging into a server to play. As long as the server is "up" you can play. When servers are shuttered in favor or newer games, gamers lose out. This is similar to how PiePacker works.

Play multi-player retro game online with your friends You can find info on the PiePacker website and back their project on PiePacker's Kickstarter campaign.

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