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December 14, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I briefly felt that Analogue wanted to sell the Pocket to everyone who wanted one. But no.

Anologue Pocket sales through China
Buying limited items from Analogue is often difficult. This time they invented their own roadblocks to purchase.
I'm sure many people got in on the latest round of pre-ordering for Analogue's Pocket, a super charged Game Boy that caters to several platforms. It's a beautiful looking device and offers compatibility with other consoles like Atari's Lynx (va adapters). I'd love to have one, but decided their online ordering isn't worth the effort.

I bought a SuperNT and Mega SG when they were on open order with no time or quantity restrictions. Both are great consoles and I adore them. However, Analogue just doesn't seem to be set up to handle the large rushes when they offer limited quantities in a first-come free-for-all. From the Nt to the Pocket, the initial pre-orders sell out in ess than a minute and from there, the analogue site goes up and down based on frustrated users trying in vain to make a purchase. I've come to understand that my computer set-up will never be as fast as those who get in and complete their orders.

I was delighted to hear about today's Pocket pre-order and that Analogue wanted to make it open to anyone who wanted one. There were seemingly no restrictions and I could purchase at my leisure. I was particularly pleased with this as it looked like an amazing system that they've maximized in every way possible. What could go wrong... right?

I logged in, made my selections and was brought to my cart with one Pocket. I was ecstatic. Entering all my info went smoothly and I clicked the purchase button. Uh oh. My credit card came back denied. I must have mis-entered something and tried again. Same result. Odd. The process was so easy and going so smoothly, I couldn't let it end here. I knew my card was fine, so I tried another one. Denied! WTF? Forget it. Not worth the frustration.

The next day my same credit card was denied for a $20 purchase, so I called to find out more info. The woman I spoke with asked about an attempted $250 purchase. Oh yeah. That cool product from Analogue... Why didn't that go through?

It turns out that Analogue was having the orders processed in Hong Kong. That means the credit card company saw a sudden purchase being made thousands of miles from my last purchase. Their fraud alert kicked in and shut down the card. After Analogue was so seemingly genuine about selling Pockets to anyone who wanted one... Why have the payment processing set up to trigger fraud on most of us trying to purchase it? Did they not think this would cause issues? Did they think this was a normal business procedure? If my local supermarket routed their processing through China, it would also stop my purchases.

I don't even know what to make of this and I don't really care. Buying from them is frustrating and simply not worth my time despite the great quality of products they offer.

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