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January 2021 Retro Gaming Article

February 9, 2021 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love the Retron77, but missed the release of these Atari 2600-compatible controllers

Hyperkin Ranger controllers
With a more modernized shape and layout, Hyperkin's Ranger controller is a cool alternate for the Retron77 and original 2600!
The joystick controller for the Atari 2600 was my first home console experience. The controller was very similar to those found on the majority of arcade games I loved. It wasn't until the Nintendo NES that I considered there may be sensible alternatives to my beloved CX-40. Hyperkin's Ranger controller is what I wanted for my 2600 when I discovered the NES.

In addition to a nice long cable, the Ranger incorporates a paddle mode for compatible games. One of the reasons I didn't play paddle games as much was having to switch the controllers. I know that's lazy AF. Like the Lynx controls, you can also turn it around and use the controller for right and left-handed gamers.

Hyperkin Ranger controllers I'm also curious to see how it works with the 7800. To be honest, I know little about the 7800 control scheme and how it may be similar to the 2600. Decades ago, I created a homemade Atari joystick from arcade parts and used the guts of extra 7800 joysticks to make it. Being backwards compatible, this Frankenstein controller works with the 2600 as well as Atari 00 computers and Colecovision (although it lacks the number pad).

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