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June 2022 Retro Gaming Article

June 1, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Blaze announced the new Evercade EXP handheld launching this winter with some cool upgrades

Evercade EXP
I feel like I just bought the Evercade and already there's a new one with some features I'd really love to have!
Blaze Entertainment are already replacing the original handheld Evercade with a new model that boasts some nice upgrades, but you have to wait until year's end. Slated for Winter release - which sounds like a holiday release date - and a US price of $149, the Evercade EXP model has screeen improvements, processor upgrade, and a vertical mode for arcade games with vertical-oriented monitors.

Evercade EXP I was sold on this previously unknown handheld console as soon as I heard multi-game cartridges and that each game cart focused on a genre ore developer. They have consistently released games since it's inception witch can be problematic for new consoles.

They even managed to release it as a home console with HDMI output for your living room TV. it's nice to see a company that is so in line with tech and customer suggestions, that they keep releasing more great titles and hardware.

The new screen is a 4.3" IPS screen offering brighter more vivid and pixel perfect for all your favorite arcade games. Tate moe enables you to rotate it 90 degrees like the vertical monitors in the 80s arcades. They have it designed so you'll have easy access tot he D-pad and A & B buttons.

They're introducing another control feature - L1 and L2 trigger buttons along with the traditional 4-butons from the previous model. The performance should be akin to that on the Evercade VS home console and like many consoles they're upgrading the EXP with built-in wifi. That will make upgrading the firmware much easier. Charging will also be upgraded to a USB-C port

the new handheld sounds great, but they raise the bar with announcements of two new game carts. One from Irem and the other Toplan. both of these continue the recently released Arcade series. I'm stoked for some R-Type and Moon Patrol!

The pre-order isn't until September, but which time we'll probably have a lot more info, but keep an eye out for Special Editions that may be available for pre-order much sooner.

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