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January 2022 Retro Gaming Article

January 7, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Check out this Ska tribute to Mario Kart 64, Skario Kart

Ska tribute to Mario Kart 64, SKario Kart
Enjoy 16 tracks of ska arrangements of the music from this classic Nintendo 64 video game!
GameGrooves game music - celebrating the diversity, passion, and creativity of the VGM community - released Skario Kart, a 16-track album featuring ska performances from the N64 classic. The Skario Kart album is available on Bandcamp!

This ska-infused trip down memory lane, covers everything from Toad's Turnpike and Frappe Snowland to Koopa Castle and Rainbow Road. The album's 14 artists get rhythmic, funky, and even retro with a variety of different takes on the ska genre.

From the Scarlet Moon press release:
"Drawing inspiration from Skatune Network, I wanted to transform Mario Kart 64's soundtrack into a ska-filled celebration," comments GameGrooves producer Allen Brasch. "With the help of Brent and Jer from Skatune Network, I was able to contact several artists in the ska community, and together with existing GameGrooves artists, we created a one-of-a-kind album for fans of ska and video game music alike!"

Skario Kart track listing:
  1. Mario Kart 64 Theme 2
  2. Raceways / Mario Stadium
  3. Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley
  4. Koopa Troopa Beach
  5. Kalimari Desert
  6. Set up and Kart Select
  7. Toad's Turnpike
  8. Frappe Snowland/Sherbert Island
  9. Choco Mountain/Battle Arenas
  10. Koopa Castle
  11. Battle Arenas
  12. DK's Jungle Party
  13. Banshee Boardwalk
  14. Rainbow Road
  15. Trophy Presentations
  16. Victory Lap

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