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January 2022 Retro Gaming Article

January 6, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

PlayStation VR2 is coming to PS5 with eye-tracking and some confusion about PS4

PlayStation VR2
As game hardware mixes and matches various compatible elements, how do they all fit together, if at all?
Rumors have Sony's PlayStation VR2 arriving in late 2022 for the PS5. The main attraction seems to be eye-tracking which will give developers/players another input mechanism for controlling games. Blink to fire a weapon or quickly change directions, for example. It's a pretty cool feature not found in a lot of VR options on the market. An adaptation of the Horizon series will accompany the VVR2.

It seems pretty clear that PSVR2 is exclusive to the PS5, thus owners of Sony's initial Virtual Reality setup will have to be content with keeping their PS4 on deck for their original PSVR games. Where this gets a bit muddled is the fact that the PS5 is backward compatible and can play PS4 games. Can it play PSVR games for the PS4? Will PSVR2 allow you to play your old PSVR fames? I'm guessing the answer is No, but it adds an unnecessary level of confusion to the market.

Horizon for PlayStation VR2 Most gamers won't be confused by these options, but hardware is often purchased as gifts when consoles and new accessories are released during the holiday season. The PS4 Pro console brought on a lot of questions that few had solid answers for in terms of exclusivity and new gaming standards that may have left the former PS4 over-worked.

When Grandma and Grandpa hit up Best Buy or GameStop at the end of the year, the fewer questions they have to answer, the better. One can only hope there won't be a PS5 Pro by that time.

Virtual Reality is certainly growing and gaining more traction with the price points of Occulus and PSVR becoming reasonable. A growing population is accepting one-player games that remove sight of anything outside the game (bump ouch crash). The same "headset scenario" seemed to doom similar 3D TV offerings. Gaming, although also social, may not be bound to the same expectations as watching a movie on the couch with friends. And that eye-tracking seems like a game-changing tech, really setting the PS5 apart.

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